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    I havent started a lot of discussions on here but I had to share this one! I have been doing very well with this band so far. I was banded on August 8, so just a little over 8 weeks ago and I have lost 51 pounds so far(that includes my pre-op preparation), I have had so much more energy and feel so much better! I am playing volleyball on an adult league at the Y. I suck at it but I sure am having fun. I have been riding my bike usually about 10 miles a few days a week. I am simply enjoying life. But heres the kicker! I went shopping with my 17 year old daughter (who has a perfect body btw) last weekend. I have been putting off buying clothes as long as I could since I still want to lose 60 more pounds but my clothes (even the smaller sizes that I have been saving for years) are getting too big for me to keep wearing. I decided i would buy a couple of outfits to keep me going till I lose more. When I went into the mall, of course I immediately went to the big girl stores that I always had to shop at. But guess what! Nothing would fit me there. I had to go to the stores that I have always dreamed of shopping at and shop on the NON-plus side of the store. Not only did I have a great time trying on clothes because they actually looked good, but my daughter had a blast. She was acting like Stacy and Clinton on "What not to wear". She kept bringing me trendy outfits to the dressing room saying "Try this on Mom! This is gonna look great on you! I was in heaven! That really motivated me! Now the only problem is I am gonna go broke because for once, I love shopping! My daughter and I are going to the mall again today! lol! When you are tempted to eat something you shouldnt or you just dont feel like going to the gym, think about moments like these. Which is better? The couple of minutes I would enjoy that piece of chocolate cake or that whole day that I am going to spend bonding with my daughter and enjoying some great time with her. We are going to Busch Gardens in a couple of weeks and I will ride every roller coaster with her without fear of emabarrassment for not fitting on the ride. We are also planning a trip to the mountains and are going to go ziplining and horseback riding and I dont have to worry about exceeding weight limits. My job requires me to stand in front of a lot of people facilitating training sessions and doing a lot of public speaking. Now I proudly move around the room as I speak instead of trying to find a podium or table to hide behind. Boy, life sure is different when you feel confident about the way you look and when you have the energy to get moving! So People- Put down that popcorn or piece of cake and get off the couch and start living!!!!
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    Struggling this week

    I so get what you are saying about falling back into the old ways. This is why they call this time bandster hell. I'm 2 weeks out and have had a great difficulty with portion sizes more than what I eat. It's hard to go decades of fat-filled meals and hourly snacks to eating 1/2 cup of nutritionally filled food. Yes, this is the preferred way, but sometimes we fall...we have to go from this meal forward, realize our purpose, and forgive ourselves. We tell our kids to get back up when they fall...and this is what we must do for ourselves. I know this is much easier said than done because I'm fighting myself many hours of the day. I've gone from snacking on 2-3 candy bars a day along with at least a 12 pack of Diet Coke down to refried beans and Malt-O-Meal. It's not easy, but ohhhh, it will be so worth it. My advice: take it one day at a time, keep a food journal, continue with the support groups and forum, and forgive yourself if you fall.
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    I did it!!!!

    I just wanted to say this group has helped me so much over the last few months. I am 8 months post op. I have been going to my support groups that the hospital that I had my surgery down at every month. I reached my goal that I set back in January of 130 pounds. I have lost 101.8 pounds now. I am so happy with myself. I actually smile for no reason. I just wanted to say this lap band has saved my life. Now I can be the wife and mother that I wanted to be.
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    Getting ready

    You may want to call around to doctors near you because I know a lot of doctors won't do fills for people banded in Mexico. Before you get banded you might want to check if there is a doctor that could see you for aftercare. As far as the protein goes my doctor wants me to shoot for 70 grams of protein a day whether I get it through food (ideally) or need to supplement with a protein shake. I have to eat proteins first, veggies second, and carbs last. Good luck!
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    Total failure - no weight loss

    Carol, you have to take this into your own hands. If you really want to lose the weight then you have to do your part. Most all of us here love food and love to eat all the things that caused us to be the size we have become. We all have to make the choice each day. It is a conscious choice every time you choose to eat whatever and do not use the tool you have been blessed with. We each have to decide what is more important, using the band or satisfying that thing in our head that says "Eat the pizza, the whopper, the huge slice of cake and bowl of ice cream." In just the month and few days that I have not had any of those things and have started eating more healthy and in proper portions I can honestly say that my desire for the other things seems to have dissappated to almost nothing. I bought my grandson who is spending the night some chocolate cupcakes and could care less that they are over on the table. I love this feeling. Perhaps you need to go see you doctor and talk to them about this possibly getting some fill to help you curb your appetite. And are you suffering possibly from chronic depression? I really think you need to see your doctor. This is not always an easy journey but one that is worth every stuggle to see it through.
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    October Bandsters!!!

    one of my friends did the same thing, Also bringing it up in group settings where I really didnt want to dabate with her. Other friends are fine, I think they thought she was being rude. like you say I WILL be successful.
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    November Bandsters!!!

    I am getting er done November 30th 2011. Cant friggen wait!!! Go us!! PS: I started a secret facebook group (only members can see/ post/ read in the group) for us November bandsters. Add me as your friend and send me a private message saying you are getting banded and I will add you to the group.. Stacey Diederich-Speager!!! Lets be losers together!!!
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    Sept 2011 bandsters

    That's awesome Donnie. My DH last night told me he could see a different. I think it takes longer for people that see us everyday. Keep up the good work! J
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    Janice S

    Sept 2011 bandsters

    I graduated from the full liquid stage. It was tough at times but now that it is behind me it really wasn't that bad. I've enjoyed a baked potato, chicken salad on toast, and navy bean Soup. (not all in one day of course). I get hungry just before it is time for my next meal so I'm not suffering. I'm stuck at 300.0 lbs. I can't budge one more ounce so that I can drop into the two hundreds. I am still swollen around the portal site and I haven't had a fill yet, It will come in time. I'm being faithful to my exercise and working back up to where I was pre-op. I even braved 10 sit ups today and no severe pain from the incisions. My daughter says she can already tell I've lost weight. No one at work has mentioned it though. Since I started working out and eating healthy July 1st, I've lost 20 lbs. I read all of your posts and they are so informative and encouraging. It is such a help going through this experience. Keep it up gang.
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    Ms. Lady, You must be at worse entertained. Threads I don't care for I don't read. (like the vomit thread). If you are offended there is a sign at the door disclosing the content of THIS thread.

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