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~~My egg-o is preg-o~~

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Hi, all. I am new to the forum. I found it while searching for information on pregnancy with the band.

I was banded Thanksgiving of '08 and just found out that I am pregnant!!! My other two children are about to turn 13 and 15. So, we're a little shocked to say the least. :w00t:

Anyway, I was told that I would have to be unfilled for pregnancy. However, when I went back to my surgeon he said that it wouldn't be necessary at this point. I only have about 1.5cc's in my band (He believes in slow and cautious fills) and have lost ~66lbs. to date.

I would like advice from other bandsters who haven't been unfilled (and well any others really). What kind of eating plan are different people following to get what they need. My surgeon recommended 80-100 grams of Protein per day, supplementing with shakes if necessary.

Just a little nervous about all of this...banded, pregnant, and quite out of practice. :blushing:


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i would do exactly as your doc says. sounds like sound advice i havent been preggo with the band but i do have 6 children. i know afew on the board who have had babies with band and they werent unfilled either. and i believe they just ate smart.

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I am currently 8 months preggo, due in about 5 weeks and I did not unfill. I have roughly 6.5cc in a 10 cc band and I'm up 30 lbs so far...sad but true. I didn't gain an ounce for the first 3 months or so, but appetite is a tricky thing and I have been eating nutritiously, just lots of food. All the veggies, fruits, whole grains, and Proteins, but plenty of sweets cravings have meant ice cream, Starbucks, etc in there too. While I'm not thrilled at my gain, I have one goal, and that is to enjoy pregnancy like any other woman, midnight donut cravings and all...our baby was measuring on the small side for several months and has only recently caught up. I think the weight gain was a number of reasons, mainly I ate alot more, but there are other factors. When pregnant, you should limit your artificial sweeteners and such, so I'm back to eating real yogurt, real sugar, etc. "Lite" variations of tons of foods like salad dressing, mayo, ketchup, etc all contain artificial sweeteners, so I switched to the real ones for the time being. As well, I craved beef alot, not chicken, which is healthier and leaner. (Turns out I'm Iron deficient, thus the red meat cravings)

There are tons of bandsters who have initial tightness in early pregnancy due to hormonal changes, bloat, gas, etc. If you can "power" past these, alot of us who keep our fill or only get a little bit taken out find that we tend to do fine the rest of pregnancy. Mine has had days where it's tight, but not so tight I'm on liquids or anything, just so tight that I have to take a test bite, wait, eat slowly, smaller portions, etc.

Good luck!

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