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NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

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Here we go now....start the new year with a new quarterly thread until we get busier again :laugh: Seems we held a thread each month but, we don't seem to need as many lately so why not try it quarterly for a bit. Saves us all time figuring out where the heck everyone is each month...umm...especially me hahaha.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Hey...does anyone out there know where I can buy some sugar free liquid flavorings to add to my shakes. A friend of mine got small bottles that you can shake drops out of for coffee yet I'm unable to find them online anywhere. I've emailed her for the link but, haven't heard back so I thought I'd try here too. Any one use them and if so can you post the link to the website?

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Looking forward to this new year, with hope for renewed committment to the lapband rules and dusting off some exercise gear!!!

thanks Sherry for setting up this thread for the new quarter :Yawn: I always wondered why I wasn't getting any email notifications during the first week of every month!...then: DUH! new month! lol!

I was off work today, but have to work tomorrow. Then next week the boss & his wife are off to Jamacia....that'll mean busier me, so if I don't post often you'll know why....oh, and if I post more, um, you'll know why :thumbup:


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Hey Diane, welcome to the new thread. I figured we'd try it quarterly then we won't get lost at least 2 of the months hahaha. I'd do the exaxt same thing, thinking why isn't anyone posting and then I'd realize the new month. Another thing I do too is go to the CP User screen and change my subsciption to the thread to instant notification rather than daily as it automatically chooses that way I get quick notifications.

Oh I found the website that offers the sugar free flavor drops...it's Capella coffee Co. If you google it you'll get the pages. My friend told me about it because she did the Medifast thing. Her favorite was drops of almond and coconut in her chocolate shake to make it taste like an almond joy. Oh yea......I'll be happy if that works :thumbup: I'm so tired of these shakes right now and with this program I'm doing for Lindora/BIDMC(my hospital) I have to be on shakes at least 2 times a day. THAT IS when the freaking things come in. I ordered them before Christmas and I still haven't received them!

Today I made Taco Soup in my crockpot and Pasta e'Fagiolo. I had to use my stick food processor to grind it to pure liquid form so it was as thick as applesauce. Both of them tasted so different when I had to do that :Yawn: They were ok but, I"d rather have the chunks to chew. Oh well another week or so and I'll be able to do that. At least it was something different!

Well I have to go get my son from work. We were afraid to let him drive because its been so cold and icey.

Happy New Year's goils...where are ya?

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Happy New Year everyone! Been extra busy today taking down tree and getting things back to normal. Wanted to do the Wii tonight but I'm exhausted!

The taco Soup sounds good. I made a recipe of taco lasagne about a month ago and my boys are begging me to make it again. It goes down real easy...too easily actually! But yummy and filling.

Well, I'm afraid I'm off to bed soon. I'm pooped!

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Hey Trish! Seems we were both doing the whole take the decorations down stuff. whew! sure does wear ya out! but anyway...got that artificial Christmas tree down. GOOD-nesss!!! what does that thing weigh? Like 2 tons?!!! LOL! And I STILL had to vacuum up needles! Just, these were plastic! *geeze*

Sherry, I've read you post about that taco Soup before...sure sounds delish (recipie?). I eed to go back and read about that flavor product...drops? for adding to the Protein drinks. sounds good, I'd like to try that too.

Was a bit chilly here in Williamsburg VA. It was cold and sleeting at one point. And a 20 degree difference from yesterday (colder).... Sure did give me a headache, though. I get headaches when the weather changes, especially with low pressure changes. My Dh told me that there's nothing to that (weather causing a headache) and so I told him about all the folks online that testify to the same outcome from the barometric pressure affecting people (headaches). well, I KNOW there is a connecction....wethere he cares to acknowlege it or not!!! LOL!

Michaele, hows the restoration coming? Is it all done?

Hope everyone is well. TTYL

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Hey Y'all!

I guess it is just a busy time by the way everyone sounds just like me! lol

I took the tree down today, and my tree is so heavy I had a really hard time. Next time I will let the old man do it! lol It was a new tree this year and it make a mess just like a real tree, not real happy about that but it sure is pretty decorated up.

We were invited to the neighbors for dinner yesterday, I already had my black eyed peas going and had cabbage cut up to fry so I took them over with me. They were a big hit with everyone! They smoked some salmon, I am not a big fan of salmon but this tasted so good! I guess I have learned a new way to cook it that I could live with. They also had some really good rice, some good steamed veggies, cornbread, and apple pie. It was all so yummy!

I wanted to start my diet today, but didn't make it to the store to get the things I needed so I am going to try to go tomorrow and get some supplies in. I think I will start on Monday and see if I can make it through the week. lol

I still have a lot of decorations to take down and pack up, but the tree is the worst so I am glad that is out of the way. I have to wait for dh to get the boxes back down from the attic to pack up the rest.

Well, got to get ready to watch the mavericks play for a while. I am so tired I will probably go to sleep and find out the score tomorrow.

It is really beautiful here today, hight 70's and it's going to be in the 80's tomorrow, but then really cold weather headed down here tomorrow night. I guess I will try to enjoy the day tomorrow.

Later girls!

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Hey everyone!

Well, I'm with you Betty....I had the intentions of starting the diet and exercise. At least YOU and a reason, you were gonna get supplies. I did start though, I bought Protein powder, for whatever reason I havn't been getting in the Protein and it shows...in the amount of hair on my bathroom sink/vanity and in my breaking brittle nails! (gotta get "right" again!)

Speaking of exercise, Sherry, did you say you were starting an exercise thread? If so could you send me the link, if not...well, maybe we could! WTG with the hula on the wii fit and the step aerobics!!! (and the other equipment)

I think I've gained about 10 lbs., from my lowest weight after banding!!! YIKES!!!! Pants that used to make me smile because I didn't have to "suck it in", are now only wearable if I do suck it in :thumbup:

I've been "runnin' amuck" (with food intake) and gaining weight. Gotta stop, Gotta STOP, GOT TO STOP! I have a vacation in the carribean in March and my son's wedding in mid May!!!!

You know I've been toying with the idea of a slight unfill. All the naughty foods have been going down r e a l easy, and lots of the "good food" (chicken, greens, some fish...) gets stuck *ugh*. Can't take generous sips of really cold beverages either...(spit, spit, spit)

anyway, whatever it takes, I've just got to get my butt in gear!!!

TTYL :thumbup:

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Hey there Diane, yeap I started an exercise thread. Here is the link:


Trish and I have posted in there already :thumbup: The Wii fit has proven to be fun and a nice change from the treadmill. I did about 45 minutes of jogging, stair step, boxing, hola hoop and long jump on it today :thumbup: Didn't really feel like doing the treadmill today.

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Hello gal pals!

We spent the entire day looking at property again today, which was only one day so far this trip, it's 73 right now, but the wind is whipping so it feels chilly to me. A far cry from the temps Diane was speaking of, oh no, I hope it's not like that when we get back on Monday.

Hubby has begged me to change our flights and return Thurs or Friday, but I'm done, I'm ready for home, heck all this talk about exercising, getting back on the right track, using Wii Fit, AND a fill coming up in a couple of weeks, has given me inspiration to get my arse in gear as well.

Diane, even my bra hurts, LOL. I was shopping for a bathing suit yesterday and this lady was with me that's a bit heavier than me said, oh you should be able to find a suit, you're so tiny! I laughed out loud, I told her tiny was one thing I had never been called, especially after a week of cocktails and great food.

Betty we ate at this place today called Houston's, it was on the intercoastal waterway, OMG, it was so good, and the view of all the yachts going back...WOW. Not sure it was worth the 2 hour wait and the $45.00 bar tab, but hubby said the $13.00 cheeseburger was awesome, it was so big he had to eat it with a knife and fork.

I wish we were going to the Dolphins game on Sunday, but it was just fun being in the stadium on New Years Night for the Orange Bowl, it was beautiful and ultra modern. Talk about pricey cocktails, OMG, if I remember correctly, it was 10.00 each or $16.00 for a double.

Later gang


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Hey I found you!!!

Sherry, I order SF syrups (flavorings) from DaVinci...it is something like www.davincigourmet.com . I also get some from Torani . DaVinci especially has a HUGE list of SF options! I use them for everything! LOVE the caramel or the toffee in my hot chocolate. They can be used to flavor shakes, or tea, or to make popsicles. I even use the coconut to flavor cakes---------yeah I know that eliminates the sugar free!!!

I use LOTS of them. I have a wine rack in my kitchen---it is in the country decor like my house and is made up of horseshoes, and there is no wine in it, but it is full of the flavored syrups!!!

You can mix the flavors....I like the chocolate with the coconut!

When you order, you can ship like 3 bottles for the same price as one, it comes FAST and has never broken a bottle! I love the place, and they send you out a newsletter with recipes and drink ideas, all SF if you order SF items!

Betty, you are not alone.....WE have no Wii either! I wanted one as well, but finances didn't see their way for that to happen, along with buying for the kids and grandkids, and parents.....the list was never ending!

My DH's family refuses to draw names, and refuses to cut back and buy only for the kids----and it was just too much this year. I have had surgery 3 times this year, and even with insurance, it killed us!

The company DH works for used to be based out of Houston--it still is, but they claim to be based out of the country now for tax breaks---and I hope the new administration taxes the crap outta them for it! Anyyyyyyway.....they buy insurance as a group and no matter where you live now your only option is BCBS of TX. So everywhere we go we are out of network--and pay out the yin-yang!! If we were in network our max out of pocket per year would be $2750.00, but being out of network, our max out of pocket is $15,000.00. AND many of the costs are not included nor do they count towards the Max OOP. It is horrible. We have met our max out of pocket for the last 5 years. Thankfully the year my cancer was discovered and treated we had a different insurance going into it, and they continued to cover me until last September in all my checks etc. I would LOVE to have them back again!

So.....all that to say, I didn't see my way to buy me a Wii either, so will have to exercise some other way. If I ever get off the steroids I hope it will be easier. And if it would PLEASE quit snowing! LOL

I inherit this dog, which is good reason to walk each day, and it has snowed almost non stop since! And he is little, he would frostbite his feet!!!

And I have not been able to ride much....I am sick of this weather!

I do have an elliptical and a treadmill, as well as several videos....so I CAN exercise. Might not wanna. Mostly I just need to get my head into it. Which is in the plan for Monday. Get Rick out from under foot!!! LOL

I just refuse to exercise in the LR with him being home! Call me vain, call me petty....call me whatever, and I will agree with them all! That is something I only do alone or with my sidekick Kinsey, because she LOVES them!!! She does not laugh at me, and it takes her awhile to get the hang of what to do too!

Well I am off to bed I think. Gonna go post in the exercise thread so I get notifications!

See y'all tomorrow!


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Hey Kat, I did see the DaVinci SF syrups but, I was afraid the bottles were too big. I knew my friend had bought these small Eye drops size bottles of flavorings that I was trying to find. I finally found them at www.capellaflavordrops.com . They have a deal going that you buy 5 and get 2 free or buy 7 and get 3 free so I was able to get 10 flavors for the price of 7. Too boot I think their online ordering had a gliche or something because I wasn't charged shipping either and they told me they shipped already. Not a bad deal :tt2: I bought almond, coconut, cinnamon bun, toffee, orange creamsicle, hazelnut, and I can't remember the others just now lol. They come highly recommended by the folks that use Medifast products and use them to flavor their shakes. As a matter of fact they give Medifast folks 10% off from what I read. My friend was on that so thats how she found out about the products. **** I understand what you mean about exercising with DH there. My DH will come downstairs to the exercise room and start using the Wii while I'm on the treadmill...that means I can't watch TV I have to watch him on the Wii. I'm glad he's exercising but man oh man I dread the treadmill when I'm not preoccupied with tv or something you know? I HATE to exercise I really do! so that just makes it harder. Yesterday he was snoring on the couch so I snuck down there and worked out on the Wii by myself :mad: Now that Wii really tracks your time in a piggybank timer lol it's cute and so you know what you've done exercise wise. It doesn't count the downtime between types of exercise only actual exercise so that's cool. I tell ya that hola hoop, boxing and advanced stair step gets your heart pumping! The elliptical is quite a workout too. I can't do too much more than 5 minutes after having walked on the treadmill already. What a thigh burner that elliptical is and if you pull on the levers with your arms, you get a workout there too. So come on over to the exercise thread, vow to do some sort of exercise for 20-30 minutes and away you go :thumbup: I have to say.....Trish got me started right away. She posted she was going to use the treadmill for 20-30 and the wii and I promised to match her :woot: It worked! if I make a promise I stick to it :) Good luck with your start of exercising. We can all help each other!

Betty - Are you feeling better? Did you get all those Cookies out of the house? OMG I'd have so much trouble with them around. I'm having a hard enough time sticking to liquids...it's been so freaking hard. I'm not losing either because the carb count I think is too high on some of my options but, Protein shakes are getting way too boring so SF pudding, Cream of wheat and blended Soups have been the option. Not exactly carb friendly. I'm really really really looking forward to solids again.

Diane - Have you made it over to the exercise thread yet? We're looking for ya :) You can do it girl...come on over! Break out that Wii fit and let me know how you make out with the hola hoop lol. I was down stairs cracking up all by myself while doing it. It's amazing how much your calves feel it! The advanced mode makes you move your hips in different directions too talk about hard lol. I'm not so co-ordinated lol. Same thing with the advanced stair step..they start twisting and stepping on the board on the side instead of straight on OMG lol. ***if you can't get solids down you might want to try a slight unfill so you can. I know this time around I'm not going to be so quick to get a fill everytime I think I can eat too much. Pretty scarey having to go through this again. Good luck!

Pat - Break out your Wii too Pat and come join us. I think you'd get a kick out of it :) It's been freaking freezin here in Massachusetts but, I have to say doing that Wii warms ya up lol. It's fun when you've exercised enough that it unlocks different additional exercises you can do. Yesterday it unlocked boxing for me....holy smokes...you have to throw those punches hard...good thing the Wiimote is strapped to my hand or I'd be breaking the new TV lol Must be nice to be back home after long trips huh? I know I always look forward to getting to my own bed after being away especially hotel beds. Man those things kill my back and hips...I'm spoiled with my dial-a-number bed :)

Trish - Thank you for getting me started on the exercise. I hope things have settled a bit for you at home too. Stress does terrible things to our bodies...I know that all too well it's partially to blame for my slipped band. It's amazing how much our insides tighten up during stressful times.

Eileen - I miss you girl...come out an play! We're here for ya.

Darcy - Same with you my friend...come on out and play. How are the candles coming along? How many molds do you have? I have questions for you hahaha. DH and I have made candles a few times but, we used the paraffin wax. I haven't gotten into the soy stuff yet although it's better for ya. I like the kind you can use to make your skin soft too...you melt the candle a bit and use the soywax for your hands. Great stuff!

So where is everyone else....they haven't found the new thread yet?

Well......time to take down the darn Christmas Tree...Gosh I hate that job! I wasn't even going to put one up this year but, DS wanted one even though he didn't help me decorate it UGH. I told DH I think I'm in the Ceramic tree phase lol. If I could take the whole tree and put it away done, I would so I could just take it back out next year hahaha. Hey a gal can dream right?


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Good Morning Y'all!

It's really cold here today! Only a high of 36 degrees today. It was so hot yesterday 84 degrees I had to turn on the air and this morning I had to turn the heat on. Gosh, what a crazy year!

I got all the decorations down and put away, if I didn't love the lights/decorations so much I would quit doing them. It is so much work putting it up and taking it down. I don't seem to mind putting them up, but hate taking it all down and putting it all away. lol

I got most of my stuff to start my diet with, I think I missed a few things but that's ok, I can at least start one. I am going to start tomorrow and see how I do. I am so sick of all the sweets etc.

I still have Cookies in the house, but I have eaten more than my fill of them so they don't bother me anymore and dh eats them all the time. Now if I could get tired of the cocktails etc. I would be fine. I don't eat a lot of bad stuff, but drinking them is another thing.

I have to get the floors done today and all the laundry as I spent the day yesterday shopping and taking down the rest of the decorations.

I am going to fix a really good fattening meal today since it is my last one for a while. lol

Well going to get off this and get my work done so I can relax a little later today before heading back to work.

Have a great day!

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Hey ladies, Happy New Year! I've been taking down decorations as well. The inside is pretty much done, but we still have lights and figures outside. DH is like Mr. Christmas and always seems a bit depressed when the decorations come down.

I'll have to check out the sugar free Syrup sites. I normally just put a capful of an extract in my shakes and it seems to satisfy my taste buds, but varieties are limited.

I start back to work tomorrow and because of how busy the holiday was, I barely feel like I had a break. Having so many people staying at my house was fun but exhausting. Also, like Betty, I've been drinking too many of my calories which has put my weight at a standstill. I should be lucky I haven't gained. I'm going to try and limit the liquor for a time and see if I can start losing again.

I'm also trying to resolve to be better about my posting. I wish I wasn't blocked at work.

Take care everyone,


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Diane, even my bra hurts, LOL.

I hear ya gal!!!! My everything is too tight!!!! gotta get on the right track again! I'm starting with Sherry's exercise thread.

BTW that Bowl game sounded like lots of high energy fun!!!! Was that your first time there?

Hey there Donna! great to hear from you!

Y'all join us on the exercise thread: http://www.lapbandtalk.com/f51/nj-lo...-thread-84403/

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