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Soft food sooner than two weeks?

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Hey guys, im about 9 days post op VSG. Surgery date was 6/28/22. Ive been on the soft liquids for about a week now, and have lost 25 pounds already. I know its recommended to wait two weeks before moving onto soft foods, but literally all i want is just a little bit, even a small soft food meal like some canned tuna to satisfy my urge to have something besides liquids. Is it alright to have even just a small soft meal to satisfy myself or is it too early? This stage is getting to my head a little bit but otherwise i honestly feel great. I've been going exactly by the book so far.

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You will get permission here to eat, drink, smoke, vape, inject, bath in, roll in any and every food or drink, as they've been doing it from the day of surgery forward because, sure, it's on their plan. Really.

You have your plan and you know the rules. You should follow your rules. There, now that that is out of the way...

But, and here is the rub, you're an adult... more or less... and you can do what you want. You don't need anyone's permission to break your rules. They're your rules after all and it's you, not us, that will face the consequences.

Let's face it, no matter what we say, you're gonna do this bit of tuna. You've already talked yourself into it. You've rationalized why it should be OK, and how doing it a few days early really doesn't make much difference, so...

Enjoy your tuna.

Good luck,


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Those rules are not there just to help you lose weight they are to keep your healing tummy safe from injury. It’s not worth it if you ask me but of course it’s up to you.

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I wouldn't rush it because your tummy is healing and bad juju can happen. I mean you could get lucky and not have any consequences but that will only encourage you to take more risks. In my honest opinion the slower you go the better. My plan had me on 2 weeks full liquid, then 3 weeks pureed, and finally on soft now. Never realized just how good scrambled eggs were until I had to wait to have them.

As they say, it's your journey but going slow now will pay off in your future. Give yourself your best chance to succeed.

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I wouldn’t risk hurting your healing stomach by moving so quickly. I’m not sure what you mean by soft liquids but I’d definitely wait until it’s okay with your team to move forward. The risk isn’t worth it.

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I am 3 week post of and on liquid diet. I'm also craving something soft. I'm so tempted to cheat. It is so difficult but I also am not willing to take the chance of getting injured internally . It is really simple. I see it as I'm in for long term success and that it is not easy. If it were it would not be the challenge it is. I have been neglecting my body and health for 35 years and I'm tired of the aches, pains, numbness in my leg and feet from being diabetic, constantly being tired and just feeling like sh!t. So I ask you and of me to be better and do not cheat yourself. You have decided to go on a life changing Journey and it will be difficult at times. It has to be! It will be worth it.

Keep your cool and stick with the program and you will be more successful and be healthier very soon. Keep at it! We are here for you !!

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    • BeanitoDiego

      Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since surgery. Yesterday i found that I was able to finally drink more than a sip at a time. I am SO grateful! I have always loved drinking water and it has been my primary beverage for most of my life; losing the ability to drink a lot of it was my first post-surgical regret. Being able to drink more than a tiny sip at a time makes me feel so much more normal.
      I'm eating around 500-700 calories a day, and have hit my second stall. I have begun to only weigh myself once a week. I've made to the gym twice since surgery, but I've been walking my pup and walking at work up to 3 miles a day on average.
      I've also been using resistance bands and stretching. I'm not quite ready for twisty yoga stuff yet. Or jogging. I did do a 10+ mile bicycle ride last weekend with a friend to a coffee shop where I had a cold decaf coffee with half and half. That was another activity that made me feel kinda normal.
      I'm still drinking one protein drink a day, trying to hit my goal of at least 60 grams a day. Today I got 72 in thanks to a cold G Zero with 10 grams.
      My abdomen is still a bit sore in general. The way I understand it, the inside is not fully healed until 3 months after surgery. That means sometime around November 1st. This is when I will go on the forever way of eating according to my provider's plan. I look forward to that day.
      Oh! And I should mention that I learned about a chain restaurant that is in about 30 or so states. It is called Clean Eatz, and they have a menu that is friendly to we bariatric patients. My support group last night talked about getting pizza and flatbreads from there. I checked it out and it looks like it's both eat-in and takeaway. This is the first place I'm going when I feel ready to eat out again
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    • BlSm12

      Does anyone know, how long it takes for Medicare to approve surgery?
      · 1 reply
      1. aravenclawrebel

        I think it depends entirely on what guidelines you're being referred under. I had that kind of insurance through the state as a low-income person for 10 years and even though I was over 400 lb for 10 years they denied me. All based on the fact that I did not have diabetes. I switched insurances once I was offered a different kind of coverage from work and was approved within two months

    • NickelChip

      I got a little bag of samples when I saw the nutritionist last week. Turns out I much prefer the Celebrate 45 Tropical Twist vitamins to the Bariatric Fusion orange flavor, so I've placed an order for those and the sweet treat assortment of calcium soft chews, which were almost dangerously tasty. The Unjury chicken soup was better than the other brand I tried, but not enough to buy it. And their vanilla shake was vile. I just can't do artificial sweeteners, and probably not vanilla unless I add something to it to mask the flavor. The aftertaste was so strong and I had a vague impression of drinking baby formula. So far the only ones I've really liked have been the orange and peach flavored Syntrax Nectar Naturals, so I'm going to get two vegan fruit flavored options in case I have trouble with whey after.
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    • Longview Lady

      PS: Also, the 'My Surgery' section of my profile - how do you edit/update that section??  I want to put my height, weight, etc. there but can't find edit button.   
      Can someone help me with that?  
      Thanks in advance.  
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    • Longview Lady

      I'm new here and unsure how to reply/respond to people. Guess I'll figure it out, or maybe you can help me a lil. lol.  A lil direction would be nice.
      I'm still wrapping my head around having this surgery to lose weight. I have completed all requirements, in 2022, and now it's a waiting game.  I missed a call in Aug. to have the surgery. 1st call I have missed in years and it had to be THAT one!   I was so upset at myself and then fell back back that weekend to my ol' comfort food; ice cream.  I fall from time to time but then get backup on my Johnny Wayne Saddle and do better. 
      I have been waiting so long I forgot what the specific surgery is called. 🤔.  It's the one where my stomach will look like a banana.  I just want this done so I can be on my way to a healthier and more active person, and hopefully feel physically and mentally better and better sleep too. We'll see. 
      Wishing everyone a safe and successful surgery. 
      Shawna 😁
      · 4 replies
      1. New To This23

        Has anyone messaged you and helped?

        If you go to the top of the page and click on your user name there will be a drop down that will allow you to do things from there. The interface on this site is a little wonky and could use some improvement, basically, you'll kinda have to click around until you find what you want to edit/update.

        I tried adding stuff to my albums and it uploaded the same things twice and I can not delete the duplicated picture. If you add a ticker and later you want to update it, like you lost more weight or you're closer to a certain goal, you have to go through the whole ticker choosing process again. The site can be a little frustrating.

      2. NCL04321

        you dont have to go through the whole ticker thing again. Just click on your name then surgery then click on progress. There you can change your height and weight. The weight will carry over to the ticker

      3. New To This23

        Thank You @NCL04321

      4. NCL04321

        yay! i see you added the info! Easy right?

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