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Lots of complications after bypass..... anyone else???

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I had RNY to RNY revision surgery on 12/21/21. I thought I was fine, slowly recovering, until 10 days later when I started coughing up blood. I was airlifted back to the surgical hospital with a perforated jejunum at the anastomosis and SEPSIS. I had emergency surgery and was close to death for several days. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks and in a rehab facility for 3 weeks. I was discharged with a 15 cm long open surgical wound which is still not entirely healed 3 months later (but getting close). I resumed normal activities after returning home and have no pain from the open surgical wound. I have volunteer nurses who come to my home to do dressing changes, now every other day.

Because of three necessary endoscopic procedures looking for leaks or abscesses my anastomosis is stretched and I have no more restriction than I had before the revision surgery. I had lost 70 lbs prior to surgery by cutting out all sugar, flour, rice, white potatoes, processed food. I've lost 25 more since the revision.

I've been told to get 90 mg Protein daily and to limit my calories to 800--which is VERY difficult. To add insult to injury I'm starting to lose my hair, too. I'm really struggling with cravings in the afternoon and night. We are now considering a prescription for CONTRAVE.

Do I have regrets for having the revision surgery? Of course! I wish I had left it alone. I wish my surgeon had aborted the revision when he found I had dense adhesions. However, I'm well now and am approaching a 100 lb weight loss.

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.57.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.58.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.58.37 PM.png

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I am so sorry you have gone through all that. Glad you are at least out of the woods. I have heard of people on here that didn’t lose their hunger post surgery and they had luck with medications. I really hope they work for you.

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I wondered why I had seen any posts from you for awhile, sorry to hear you had a rough time. I hope you are on a speedy road to recovery

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    • amazingmimi

      I feel like I've finally gotten past the biggest hurdle. Surgery date is September 6th, the day after Labor Day, and yesterday I got my insurance approval letter. I've followed everything they've told me to do, and I've even lost 30 lbs on my own since hubby had to change his diet for diabetes. No worries now about having to do 4 weeks of the liver shrinking diet instead of 2. On my initial visit, if I had gained just 5lbs I would have had to do 4 weeks. It's getting closer. Just 2 more months to wait.
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      1. NmMd

        Although the prep work took energy, I found the biggest hurdle was post-operative. The first 48 hrs were extremely uncomfortable. I did an overnight and trying to down the liquids, Tylenol, and especially the barium was rough. Thankfully though, I got away with only having to have 1 belly injection after surgery. Needless are not my thing.

    • Grace1234

      I am brand new to this my surgery is tentative for July 27 depending on insurance and I'll be have the Gastric Sleeve.
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    • Pepper1

      I am looking for people to connect with that are 4-5 years out. Many of the support sights I go to are all newbies. And while I enjoyed that when i first had my surgery and found it useful, I am looking to exchange ideas with folks that are out a few years. I am slowly gaining weight back and losing my excitement. I don't want that!
      · 1 reply
      1. SleeverSk

        Maybe post in the forums. It's a more active areaI have noticed no one replies to status updates

    • SuziDavis

      I have a surgery date! I am getting sleeved on 8/17/2022!
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    • Mudh8r

      How do you stay focused? I'm struggling a bit the past three days.  All I want is sweets and carbs.  I have no clue what changed but for some reason I'm craving hard.  I'm literally dreaming about food and when I wake up, I'm thinking about my next meal.  I'm not "hungry" but so munchy.  I'm trying to stay focused, busy, exercise and the likes but this looking struggle is getting to be so hard.  I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow and I'm so hopeful she has some advice.  My protein intake is great, liquids on point, even throwing in some raw veggies and berries to curb the sweet/carb craving.  Thoughts?
      · 1 reply
      1. SleeverSk

        I am like this at the moment too, maybe post in the forums and not as your status update you will get more replies

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