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poop question after surgery

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Had my bypass done Wednesday 6th october. Managed a liquid poo on sunday. Sorry about description.

But not done any since?

My friends are you the same? I guess it's due to no solid food no poop 😃

Big love


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It's very common to have constipation after surgery. I just looked it up, and the name for the product I use here in the US is called Movicol in Spain. You need to take it for a few days until it works. I take it almost every day, but sometimes every other day. If you don't GO for many days (like 5 or more) you may need a laxative suppository, which will work in about 30 minutes.

You will notice that you will not poo as frequently as you did prior to surgery because you are not eating as much and you are not getting much Fiber.

Buena suerte!

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it takes many of us about a week to "go" after surgery. There's not much in there, so...

also, chronic constipation is a common problem even months or years after surgery (not everyone has it, but many of us do). It's probably still too early to tell if you're going to deal with that (you're still pretty new out of surgery), but Lizonaplain has some good suggestions if you end up dealing with that long term. But for now, it may just be the very common post-surgery "thing" - just give it a couple more days...

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I didnt poop until 10 days after coming home…if you include the days i was in hospital, my first poop showed up in 12 days. Oh, and it was a doozy. *shudder*

Being regular was a challenge the first 5-6 months, honestly.

Here was what I did to combat it:

- benefibre every morning in my Protein Shake, drank lots of Water

- if no poop in 3-4 days, took a dose of Milk of Magnesia for 1-2 days.

- if no poop 1-2 days after the round of MOM, glycerin suppository time.

I got much more regular after weight loss phase when i started eating more (thanks fatty foods, lol). I’m 3 years out now, and i poop every 2-3 days, so thankfully its no longer an issue.

P.S. Not sure if you are on them, but pain meds and Iron supplements will back you up considerably…so keep that in mind.

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I had the same issue an did not poop for 9 days! I had to take Milk of mag and Dulcolax (per Dr) for two days. It finally happened and I’ve been going daily since. They told me not to worry about it that it was normal due to anesthesia and then pain meds but I had painful pressure. After the first time all was well

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