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Calling all fellow Aussies!!

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Getting sleeved on the 22nd of March in Melbourne and would love some Aussie buddies to chat to!

Any other Australians here, either pre or post op? Please share your story with me

I’ll go first: my name is Steph and I’m a junior doctor training to be a GP. I’ve always been slightly overweight but then I fell into a severe, deep, treatment resistant bout of depression. I was treated with antipsychotics which, along with the complete lack of physical activity from being hospitalised for a total of 10 months in 2 years caused me to stack on more than 30kg in a short amount of time.
Fortunately my depression is now in remission, I’m back at work, and I have been dieting and exercising to keep healthy. Unfortunately that hasn’t resulted in much weight loss, probably because I’m still on quite a few meds. So I decided to try a VSG on the advice of my doctor. I researched for ages and spoke to a lot of people about it and eventually came to the decision that this was the right choice for my health. I’m now 4 weeks away from my surgery date and I’m so excited (and a little bit anxious)- can’t wait for it to be done!

So let’s hear your stories, I’d love to get to know you all a bit...

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Hello and welcome.

I had VSG in March 2020 in NSW, best thing I ever did for myself and my only regret is that I didn't do it much sooner.

The month will fly by, hope it all goes well for you.

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Also a fellow Aussie here from Nsw. I had the sleeve in 2017 but due to GERD and weight regain have had revision to bypass in dec 2020. I have zero regrets about my decision to have the revision, and since December have lost 20kg. (40kg from highest weight in 2017)
All the best for your journey !

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Hi everyone - I've joined this page/conversation just now. I'm having VSG on Wednesday next week (3rd March 2021) and it's really beginning to hit home now. Steph, I'm excited and nervous/anxious too but it's taken me 2 years to get to this point so I'm all in!!!

It's encouraging to read the previous comments and I too wish I had made the decision earlier. Perhaps I just wasn't ready to admit to myself that I was in a place I couldn't get myself out of.

Anyway, good luck to everyone sharing your thoughts here.

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Yoohoo, I was sleeved on 4 January, and live on the sunny Gold Coast. Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to find out details you may not remember to ask your surgeon.

Remember, it's based on peoples experiences, and not so much medical so it's a pretty descriptive forum haha. So here is a bit about me...

My name is Janine and I work in IT - from home all the time now, quite a good thing after surgery! I have always been SUPER active with my weight fluctuating from 70kgs - a healthy weight - to over 100kgs. I was 97 when I finally bit the bullet and went to the surgeon. My food diary was very balanced, just waaaaay too much of it. I have back fractures from my own stupid behaviour on my jetski, which makes me nearly paralysed some days. The pain went as soon as the weight started coming off.

I am cranky and moody and such a b***h at times. My moods have definitely improved, but I think my husband will disagree with me there!

Post surgery was somewhat of a breeze. I feel full all the time, so getting food in is a challenge. Getting fluids in was really really hard....so I did a 50/50 apple juice and Water and that helped. I've had no nausea at all, just the feeling of being full. I am nearly breaking the 80kgs and my goal is 65kgs.

A little confession...I nearly pulled out when I was on the table. I'm glad I didn't.

Another confession - the day after surgery I thought I'd made the BIGGEST mistake of my life. I was being a drama queen and very precious...it's the BEST thing I have ever done.

Feel free to connect via messages here. I don't do social media any more so I'm not a facey or insta girl.

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Hey , I just joined recently , had my sleeve done on Tuesday , still feel absolutely crappy .

I’m from Melbourne.

My usual weight was always a 57-63 max , started going through depression, taking medications , anxiety , and I was stress eating , depression eating , annoyed at the husband eating , everything made me eat , until I got to my highest of 89kg

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    • Butterflyeffect

      Hi everyone, I finally reached Onederland, yay!! Feels great and I have no regrets. Still a way to go but so much closer now. Thanks for all the support and tips along the way. 
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      Hi Everyone, I’m Marsha i was sleeve on July 8th.
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    • alysia.rush

      I was down to lowest weight of 117, kept around 123 for couple years, but recently due to covid gained back. got back up to 146, been trying to bounce back some and right now am at 140. Goal 117-120 ish.
      Experimenting with Macros:
      Keto- 900 calories
      Fat 75%, Net carbs 5%, Protein 20%.
      7/17/21: Day one: lightheaded, tired, randown, headache, not really that hungery, but thinking of food consistently, also but out alcohol and sugar, blah.
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      1. Candace76

        Wishing you luck to get back where you want to be!😊

      2. alysia.rush

        Thank you!

    • Bronco2773

      New here just looking around. Hopefully if I have any questions this will be a good place to come for answers. I finally was able to get in to see a doctor about having a surgery and everything has been set up to get the ball rolling. Lord willing it will be able to happen in 2021. I spent to many years denying I needed help and I've just yoyoed every year, I want to be around for my daughters.
      · 1 reply
      1. Candace76

        Congratulations on starting your weight loss surgery process! 👏 Good luck!

    • pomegranate

      I am new today! My consultation wasd July 7th and I am already getting my pre-op appointments done. I started them and things are moving fast. 
      · 1 reply
      1. Michrigio's Mama

        Good luck!!

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