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Some Surprises I didn't expect with WLS

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My shoe size has also changed from a 10WW to a 9W. Even though I lost so much weight, my feet are always a problem due to neuropathy.

Dressing in layers is something I never had to do before, I was always hot before.

I can do housework now. I couldn't even vacuum before.

My bum is completely gone, and it hurts when I sit down even after 10 minutes or so.

The really weird thing is that my freckles have come back. I used to only get them in the summer. It is dead winter here, and they are all over my face.

I used to drink ice cold Water, and now can only drink room temp.

The biggest one for me is that I can walk without a cane. No longer have to use a wheelchair to get around.

I am sure there are lots more....it is a journey.

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I dress in layers ALL the time. But I have hot flashes, so it is sweater on sweater off sweater on sweater off. LOL At 68 thought I would be past hot flashes...

Must use a pillow between my leg as or my knees hurt Also sitting on certain chairs make my tailbone hurt ( Never had THAT problem before WLS) LOL

At 1yr 8months post-op I am still breaking out

Have lost 1/2 a shoe size

Not happy with extra skin, but at my age not going to spend megabucks on plastics surgery

I can move sooooo much better than I could 10- 20 years ago

so much more energy, LOVE buying single digit size clothes

So grateful to God for all these changes!!!

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