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What I wish I knew - Post- Op January 2021- Tips and Tricks

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Some helpful hints. You will be INCREDIBLY thirsty/ dehydrated post - surgery. Bring Biotene toothpaste and mouth wash. Swish as much Water as you can as soon as you can reach a sink. You may not be able to swallow fluids just yet. And your mouth will THANK you! You can get at Amazon/ Walmart/ Target.

BariWise chicken Bouillon- lifesaver - Amazon. Clear Liquid- it tastes good and has 15g of Protein. Amazon - Amazing.

****PILL GRINDER (not cutter) - looks like pepper grinder to actually GRIND your pills so much easier to swallow! - Amazon.

Ask the hospital for the 30 cc cups - they’re 1 ounces and you can pour your Protein Shake and liquid clears to keep measurements .

**** DO NOT be afraid to ask for pain medication (this was a mistake I made). I acted tough. Ask ask ask for nausea meds - lifesaver. No vomiting.

Women - plan on wearing a sports bra that doesn’t touch your top incision and cotton underwear that does not touch your bottom incision. Wear a loose cotton dress to go home in and for recovery. Amazon has a lot of different ones (with pockets). You can lounge in them. Walk around the neighborhood and go out with nice sandals/slip on shoes or flip flops.

Amazon also has long roomy comfy sleep shirts - great for lounging and letting your incisions breathe.

BariWise hot chocolate- 15grams of protein and considered a clear. Add sugar free Syrup ( can get a bottle at Home goods for under $5) for a treat. Cinnamon sticks and peppermint tea help with nausea.

Throw a cinnamon stick in your Decaf hot tea of choice (or hot chocolate).

Take a small walk when comfortable even if it’s just around the house when you are waiting the 30 minutes before or after your protein.

If you have a gentle dig - take them for a walk (although the first few days I couldn’t because of the bending to pick up poop). My neighbor offered to walk the dog for a few days.

Enlist help - people like to help.

I was sent home with liquid pain med - keep on schedule and Prilosec capsules. I was instructed to open up. Toss the beads back and follow with chaser - amazing - helped with stomach pain.

Also sent home with anti- nausea under tongue melts - AMAZING.

If you have headaches/ menstrual cramps - I recommend Hylands brand / melts under tongue (Amazon).

Hope this helps! Wish me a great recovery!

Best, Christina


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