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Harbor City Kaiser process length

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Hey guys hope you are all well. I have a question regarding the process length for Kaiser Harbor City (S.Cali) I have been hearing drastically different time frames from 4 months entire process to 4 months after one completes the options course . I recently started Options... I am not trying to rush through anything I want to experience the entire process im just curious to know and plan for needed time off. THANKS

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Welcome to the forums.

Even with the exact same insurance the length of process depends on a lot of things, no least of which is your weight and health situation now and what and how recently you've done mitigation (diets), and more.

It should be a simple matter to get all of the requirements Kaiser has to approve surgery. I'd go to Customer Service to get this, then try to ensure you do everything in the appropriate time frame.

Once you get to tests, they can mostly be done concurrently rather than sequentially and if you manage it well you can reduce time.

The "options" classes(?) are a Kaiser thing, so us non-Kaiser folks don't really know what it is or how it falls into the process.

Good luck,


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I'm Kaiser Northern California, Fremont to be exact. After my referral from my PCP I had my appointment with the Surgeon, the Nutritionist and the Coordinator all on the same day. A few weeks later I had my Physic evaluation. I had to get to goal weight, which I did and was scheduled for surgery at that time. All in about 2 months. Did I mention I chickened out the first time? No? Well, I vomit when I go under, like really, really bad for hours and hours after. I'm back in the program but have told my Dr. I need a pre-op appointment with Anesthesia weeks before surgery so they can plan my after care accordingly.......

Best of luck to you on your journey.

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