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1 hour ago, sillykitty said:

I'm not sure where that info is coming from, but there is no link between carbs and reflux, and certainly not to RNY revision. GERD is a complication of the sleeve due to the new stomach anatomy creating a high pressure upper GI system.

There are many different post surgical diet programs, all prioritize Protein, hydration and calorie deficits. But they are not all strictly low carb. There is more than one path to weight loss success.

I’m sorry did I say that carbs caused GERD? My intent was to say sleeve can cause eventual need for revision to RNY due to GERD. Carbs are a separate subject, that can cause issues with the weight weight loss phase and usually healthy carbs are for maintenance and after Protein is eaten. And depends on the persons ability to process them. I’m sorry I won’t be responding to posts. I’m not very good at getting the correct message across, especially lately I’m just dealing with a lot of issues with my chronic illness. I’m not sure why it’s offensive though to discuss a strict low carb way of eating, that is beneficial for some people. Not all people process carbs very well. But it does come down to individual needs. And I’m not pushing low carb with my comment. Just saying that carbs if any comes with maintenance. And if someone has GERD it’s usually An issue after sleeve surgery. Sorry I’m stepping away now from commenting further on anymore posts since for some reason I offended you.

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1 hour ago, Darktowerdream said:

And I’m not pushing low carb with my comment. Just saying that carbs if any comes with maintenance.

That's your opinion and the opinion of your dietician. I'd say a strict low carb diet for weight loss is BS and so would my dietician. My BMI is 22.9 and I reached it without eating low carb and there are many more patients who did so.

I'm with sillykitty: it's the calorie deficit, nothing else.


Just saying that carbs if any comes with maintenance.

If that isn't pushing low carb eating, then what is?

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2 hours ago, Arabesque said:

I understand that some dieticians do allow carbs but I hope chocolate muffins & croissant were not what the dietician meant.

With time there are quite a few patients that tend to go out of their own way to rationalize their diets and/or food choices, like a guy I know rationalized chocolate milk "because of needing protein".

It's normal, as much of a problem it might be.

You can see some hints of this on every WLS board and/or weight loss board: people are looking for substitutes for their beloved foods. Artificial sweetener, low carb breads, no-fat puddings, Keto brownies, Protein ice cream, so-called no-sugar chocolate etc. - the ingredient lists often read like chemistry class, yet people rationalize that these foods are "healthy" because they are low calorie, low carb, high protein or low fat.

The notion alone of wanting to eat so-called "bad foods" is often frowned upon on weight loss boards, BP is no exception here. However, people do want to continue eating these "bad foods", hence the threads on what low-carb, high-protein, low-calorie foods people found in the supermarkets that mimic muffins, brownies, bread, Pasta, chocolate. Basically there's nothing wrong with that. But what rubs me the wrong way is that too many people actually think they're eating the "healthier alternative" (most of the times they're not) while wanting and eating "the real stuff" is often frowned upon.

It reminds me of the veg-crowd who is on the lookout (Hi there, fellows!) for vegan cheeses, mock meats, yoghurts etc. - different reasons for eating the fake stuff but same reasons why so many veg-heads are after these foods: we want to continue to eat this tasty stuff!

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