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im in too , august 28

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I had my sleeve done on August 26th, two days after my birthday. My food funeral was a vanilla cupcake and a fish sandwich.

I wasn't as nervous as I should have been. But there were no complications, and I stayed a night in the hospital. Didn't get much sleep. I didn't have a lot of pain, either, but I couldn't keep the Tylenol with codeine down anyway. I had that moment of "WTF DID I DO TO MYSELF?" anytime I vomited up the Tylenol or the potassium stuff they tried to give me. Having to take pills with tiny-assed sips of Water was hella frustrating! And I barely ate the broth they brought me-- it didn't taste very good and I just wasn't interested in anything but the water.

I had mainly gas discomfort, and when I got home all I really wanted was water and sleep. I didn't need the pain relief or the medicine to prevent nausea. I think I felt like tossing the Cookies once at home, but I hadn't eaten anything so that was pointless. They put me on enoxaparin, Prilosec, and the worst-tasting Vitamins in creation, but I got through that bit. Moved on to different vitamins, and am much happier.

I'm on regular food now, eating maybe 3 oz., but I worry that I may not be eating enough. I still prefer to do my Protein and nutritional shakes, because, TBH, sometimes I hate the feeling of my food digesting! Does anyone else get that? The other thing that annoys me is not being able to eat as many veggies as I'd like because "protein first", LOL.

For the most part, I had a fast and easy recovery, and I'm grateful. I was working out, but between the incision where the excised stomach was removed hurting at some point and enduring The Crimson Beatdown, I kind of slacked off. I'm still losing, but I need to get back on track very soon. I think I'm a slow loser but some sleevers have said they didn't think so.

NSVs make me happy, though! People are noticing I'm changing, and I can walk through a shopping trip without back pain. It's glorious.

Did anyone's surgeon go through their navel area? Mine did, so I have four visible scars. I hate that he used staples to close-- the scars are noticeable af. The navel scar was glued.

If you're on Instagram, let me know! I'll follow you. Mine is @gata.tale.to.tell .

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