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13 hours ago, summerset said:


In the end it's always a question of "how big is the price one has to pay for it". If you can maintain a BMI in the normal range or maybe even in the being-slightly-overweight range rather effortlessly what's the point of trying to white knuckle your way to a BMI of e. g. 21?

If we're being honest we're no longer talking about "health" then. We're talking about "vanity". Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with wanting to lose more weight because of a little vanity but be honest and stop hiding behind the word "health" once a normal weight is reached and it doesn't hurt to be aware of the price one might have to pay for it either. For many patients the decision to lose some more "vanity weight" might boil down to "Do I want a life or a diet and an exercise plan?"

I'm dropping again the term "best weight possible". For some, that might indeed be that BMI of 20. For others it might be the BMI of 27 or 28 or higher, depending on starting BMI and life circumstances.

Usually surgeons and dietitians are more realistic when it comes to goal weight than the patients, e. g.


I got down at one time to a BMI of 22, but I'm now a hair over 25 (I'm four lbs overweight, according to the BMI chart). My PCP likes me better at this weight than she did when I was at a 22. She's one of the growing school of physicians who think the healthiest BMI range for "older" adults (which would be me....) is 23-27. So I get zero sympathy from her when I complain about not being able to lose 10 lbs.

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If you do a bit of research on the internet, you'll find that he's not practicing and hasn't been for quite a few years. Maybe running MLM weight loss schemes because it's not possible to find employment in the medical field after losing various ethical and legal lawsuits (including a class-action lawsuit) and having your medical license revoked...

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On 6/28/2020 at 6:53 PM, BigSue said:

I really like Dr. Matthew Weiner's videos. Most of them are several years old...

He's posted some new content on there over the past year or so, but I think the bariatric basics were mostly covered in his initial set of videos. Wish he'd do more updates, though his books seem to have taken up where the Youtube videos left off.

When I was looking for a nutritionist who specialised in plant-based nutrition for bariathletes, his clinic was extremely helpful and didn't even charge me. You can also attend their WLS support group without charge even if you had surgery somewhere else (in-person support group on hold right now because of covid-19).

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