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I recently stumbled upon this article saying that oversized ladies do not find sanitary pads really produced for them. Tampons may be hard to put in, and some pads may be too small. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS SUBJECT IS TABOO IF SOME OF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM IT.

After reading this article, I got curious and did some research. I read a few comments of women saying they felt like an outcast in society. And this is unacceptable nowadays.

It is not normal that in 2020 you still do not find the right product for you.

I would love for ANY OF YOU suffering from this to contact me. I am working on creating the right product for you, and would love to hear your suggestions and ideas!

My email is the following: layabadralfb@gmail.com

Do not hesitate to contact me. We need to fight a solution to this long due problem !!

Much love to you all, beautiful ladies :)

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Ahh, this is interesting, because since loosing the weight, I notice that the pads fit me excellent, and the tampon goes straight in when there is no fat to fight in front of it, and I can bend easily to put it in, and there is no real leakage.

I did know that my bits are smaller downstairs now, I also know that I bleed a little less than before, but I did not know that it was a common issue that bigger ladies don't find commercial pads enough.

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