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What do you eat after 6 weeks post op!

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Hi guys , I’m 6 weeks post op but idk what to eat from here on out . My medical team told me to go back to regular eating but idk what that even mean ??

Help pleaseeee!!!

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I'm 9 weeks out as of today. For Breakfast I usually eat 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or a yogurt. For my first snack of the day I usually have a cheese stick or some diced peach slices in Water. For my lunch I usually have deli sliced turkey (3 slices) and one cheese stick divided in three to make roll-ups lol or 2oz of rotisserie chicken with sugar free BBQ Sauce (my preference is G. Hughes Hickory flavored) and usually a scoop or two of green Beans, or I eat left overs from the night before. For my afternoon snack I usually eat a mini bell pepper sliced in half and dipped in 2TBS of salsa or cheese crisps (sometimes dipped in salsa lol). dinner is kinda all over the place though lol. Last night I had a turkey burger patty with a tablespoon of mustard on top, 1/4 of an avacado, and a slice of Tomato. The night before I had a make shift stir fry using cauliflower rice instead of regular rice with chicken, mushrooms, red bellpepper, water crests, carrots, broccoli, onion, etc. with sugar free Teriyaki sauce (again, G. Hughes is my preference). If I have I late night snack (I rarely do) it's usually fruit or a yogurt or cottage cheese, etc. Cauliflower pizza is a good food option too and leaves TONS of left overs! Stuffed bellpepper with cauliflower herb rice is also delicious. And one of my favorite meals so far is a make shift taco salad with seasoned turkey meat, avocado, taco sauce, tomato, and cheese... it's yummy! Hope this helps in some way...

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I'm also about 6 weeks out! I was sleeved on Feb. 10. I was cleared for all foods after 40 days. The guidance I got was to try to introduce foods one at a time, so I can tell if I can tolerate them. So far I have not had any trouble. I use MyFitnessPal to track; my goal is at least 60 gs of Protein per day. Some days I'm great, some days I struggle a bit, so I am adjusting my meals to make sure I comfortably hit 60 or more. Here is a couple of my immediate past days:

Tues: egg fried with cooking spray with leftover spinach on top, 2 turkey sausage links; mid-morning: Protein Drink (20g protein); lunch: 2 oz. tuna with mayo made with olive oil and 1/2 serving high protein cheese snacks; Mid afternoon chicken Bone Broth; Dinner: 1 and a half ground beef meatballs; with diced tomatoes and 1 tbl. grated parmesian and 1/2 cup spaghetti squash. After dinner snack: handful of mixed nuts and a sugar free hot choc.

Wed: Breakfast: Iconic Protein Powder with 2 oz. Premier Protein drink added; mid-morning: hard boiled egg; Lunch: 2 slices deli turkey with 2 tbl. reduced fat cheddar and 1/4 of Granny Smith Apple used to make roll ups; mid afternoon: 1/2 serving of high protein cheese Snacks and about 10 green grapes; Dinner: 1 link Italian Turkey Sausage cooked in diced tomatoes, spinach and cauliflower crumbles (about 1/4 cup of sauce) and 1/2 c. left over spaghetti squash; after dinner: handful of nuts and a sugar free popsicle.

What I am not eating: Pasta, bread, potatoes, rice. I also have not added in butter or oils, I am cooking without them mostly. I have made some Soups and tried to punch up the protein; I made some split pea Soup in the slow cooker and added some protein powder to punch it up. I also was eating a lot of fish, but we have not been to the grocery store in the last few days so I don't have any fresh fish right now, and I just don't care for frozen fish. I did pick up some frozen shrimp last time I was there and will make a shrimp salad one of these days.

One of the nutritionists at my facility told me protein, protein, protein. She also said to be successful long term you need to find protein rich foods that you LIKE and that fit in your lifestyle, otherwise you will feel deprived/burdened and that is when you are likely to fill up on the wrong things.

Hope this helps a bit!

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