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Am I eating too much?

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3 hours ago, AJ Tylo said:

I am totally amazed at how many people - Including myself did not have a plan or guidance after this surgery! WTF is this industry going to get oraganized! We all know the surgery is just a tool, Without the workshop your screwed

I agree - I think that's why there are so many different "plans" out there. I was eating purees and full liquids upon leaving the hospital, some people have to wait 2-4 weeks post-op before they even get to that stage. To be honest though, WLS is big business for doctors and hospitals. They know people are willing to pay to slim down, and they do their job and then leave it to you afterwards with some general guidance you can basically find on the internet. Some people are on great programs that help them post-op, many are not. For me, it's not really an option because, believe it or not, there aren't a lot of obese people in Japan, so this really isn't an issue here - not enough for me to find a support group or doctor in my area who can deal with it. So I've always gone abroad for my surgeries, and I've had to do the best I could on my own both pre- and post-op. That said, the place where I just had surgery is being quite good about following up with me, which is really nice and reassuring. I certainly did not have that when I had surgery in Mexico.

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    • zombierayvinn

      I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am down to 157 from 202. I have been struggling with nausea but not vomiting. Anyone else having this happen?
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      1. This update has no replies.
    • WInston223322

      Been a hell of a good Journey and thanx to all 
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      1. This update has no replies.
    • Steph1999x

      Post op day 2...so far so good!
      · 1 reply
      1. LisaDee1

        What state are you in????

    • Krestel

      Officially no longer over weight! Goal #1 reached! I'm now under 80kgs (176 lbs) at 179cm (5'10") and 10 months post-op and am over the moon. My weight at 79.9 kgs (176 lbs) gives me a BMI of 24.9 which means that I have a normal weight! OMG.
      I still want to lose about 16 lbs more though in order to get safely into the middle range to insure against that little regain that happens. The I have maintenence in front of me as well.
      BUT I have hit my first goal. Yeah me!!!
      · 1 reply
      1. biginjapan

        Fantastic! That's such a great goal to reach and one I hope to get to this year as well.

    • TWCook

      I had my gastric sleeve done September 10, 2020... I started out 330# before surgery.... I'm down to 260# now... I've been stalled out for over two months now.... I exercise when I can (Bad back/knees)... I follow my diet , get my protein and drink my water... But still not losing any weight... I've done everything I can think of to break the stall.... Even went back to liquid diet....  Sometimes I think this was a mistake having the surgery...
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      1. Boss lady84

        sorry to hear that don't feel down. Maybe a reset meaning something new. I am in the process of having the surgery a second time. I had Lapland in 2012 removed in 2018 and I have gained everything back and some. When I stalled on lapband I had to do something new for me I joined a free boot camp and Zumba and then boom dropped 38 pounds in 2 months. I know you said bad back and knees so find something with your limits. But I think try something new I stalled for 8 months

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