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This^^^^^ is exactly why I said you should lawyer up before contacting them.

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Be sure to obtain all the medical records, including labs, surgical report, and anesthesia record BEFORE bringing any of this up to anyone. Funny how those records can become "closed" if something is amiss. Just go to the Medical Records department, fill out the form, and they will get the paperwork for you within a couple of days, if not then and there. The anesthesia record will tell what drugs were used and how much. Both the surgical and anesthesia reports should say that a "time out" was performed before the procedure started. The time-out is the last, stop gap safety opportunity before the actual procedure starts. This is where the results of the pregnancy test should have been mentioned, if not before.
Our hospital policy is that ANY female of child bearing age (12-50) has a pregnancy test unless she has had a hysterectomy. Anyone outside that age gets a test if they have had a period within a year.
Do you remember being asked to pee in a cup when you went in?
Yes according to the surgeon office I had a pregnancy test that came back negative on October 22 but it's clear to me that it might of been too early to tell.. but I've got a meeting with my surgeon this coming up Friday

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