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Almost 1 year post OP 10/22/18 was my date. For the last few months my eating has been fairly out of control and for the last couple weeks very much so.. I'm still down a considerable amount of weight since the beginning of this thing..

161 lbs currently. I was 165.. but I've gained back 4 lbs over the last month. So this morning didnt start great I ate trigger foods cereal/pizza until way past when I should have stopped and went to the shower fairly disgusted with myself. After the shower I made the decision to throw away the rest of the Cereal and pizza which I did.. so now its about an hour past that and I felt I needed to share this to get honest about it with someone.. so ya. That's where I'm at, thanks.

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3 hours ago, chuckwalsh said:

I made the decision to throw away the rest of the Cereal and pizza

Hard but great decision ! We support you 💙

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Good for you!

It's good that you have acknowledged your problem and which foods were causing it. It's also great that you have taken a positive step by throwing away the bad foods and re-committing to maintaining a healthy weight. We all slip up now and then, and the real test is what we do about it.

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Making good choices is very difficult once your hunger comes back, isn't it? I have kids and I refuse to cut them off from all Snacks and Desserts, so they are in the house. We do have a ton of healthy foods available in the house, but I find myself staring into the cabinet with all the great snacks so many times when nobody is looking. Sometimes I fail, but most times I succeed in choosing the right kind of snack.

The one thing I don't know that people really understand going into this is that the surgery really isn't a magic fix. Down the road in your journey you will regain your hunger and cravings. How you handle that is what will determine your success.

Good luck to you Chuck!

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Massive cudos for making that decision!!!! Woot! And way to do it at the 4lb mark.

Reframe the situation. Congratulate yourself for making a great choice and drawing a line in the sand.

Now the only thing you have to do is know that the next 4-14 days might be tough, but make a plan for getting through it. Willpower is fine--but when I'm in this situation, I know my willpower is usually low. So I have to have a set of actionable things that makes making good decisions easier, especially when I'm low on WP. ((hugs)) And remember, you only have to commit for 1 meal, 1 bite, or maybe 1 day. Then the next bite you recommit. Or the next meal the same. Or wake up the next morning and commit for that 1 day. The future takes care of itself that way and we can do anything for 1 day. Right?

Example Game Plan for Getting Back on Track:

  1. Clean out the pantry, freezer and fridge if possible.
  2. Cut out the C.R.A.P. but allow yourself to eat as much as you need to be not hungry, not starving.
  3. H.A.L.T. = Never let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.
  4. Get your sleep on...every dang day. Go to bed at same time. Wake up at same time. Practice good sleep hygiene.
  5. Walk for 1 hour per day if you don't have an exercise plan.
  6. Get outside in the sun and deep breathe as much as you can.
  7. Plan 3 normal (1cup) size meals per day = 3 oz Protein + 1-2oz veggies + healthy fat
  8. Plan 1-3 normal mini meals per day = 1 oz protein + healthy fat (eat ONLY if hungry or necessary for protein) = <100cals/meal
  9. No eating drinking 30/30
  10. Protein first at every meal (lean, dense, dry to it stickls longer)
  11. Eat at a precise time frame each day. (ie Breakfast at 7 or 8am, lunch at 1, dinner at 7 with mini meals in between)
  12. No grazing.
  13. No standing in front of the fridge or freezer.
  14. No overly-comforty food (yeah, I'm talking about you pizza and casseroles and burgers with fries)

You got this dude. Congrats again for taking that first MAJOR step!!! You will gain confidence in yourself, your self-esteem will go up, and the cloud will lift. You'll feel revived! You can do this!

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I actually just rejoined the forum after chickening out twice four years ago.

Presently I have a scheduled date of Dec 4th for VGS. My Weight is 237, BMI is 45. Goal weight is 135

I realize that this is not related to ur topic, however I am hoping to find a few people already living their “New Life” and are willing to be my mentors.

You have all come so far and are a real inspiration

My biggest fear is the future, as this surgery is relatively new and no one REALLY knows the far out long term side effects.

i wish u all the best and really hope to b hearing from you!!

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I just got my sleeve on 10/1. I'm still dealing with head hunger and the nibbles late at night. I see how I could derailed easily, however I'm fighting the fight. My husband works 2nd shift and gets home around 11pm - 12am. He is really good about fixing his dinner and eating it in the dining area. However, from either the Bedroom or living room, I swear I can smell it!

Head hunger is a powerful thing. I laughed the other night as I found his stash of Cookies and told him, "well, I'm not sure I'll ever eat those again. So, I do have the power. But, I could swear I could hear those little drvils calling my name!

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