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8 hours ago, Mikeyy said:

Hi. There have been some re-sleeves.


Pretty sure the only revisions from sleeve are either RNY or DS @Dr-Patient

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I was banded in 2005 and I had constant slime/gerd. Totally disgusting! I had the band removed later in 2005. I went to Mexico to one of the well known surgeons there and had the gastric sleeve. I lost over 100 lbs and I've kept it off. However, 2-3 years ago the gerd started and it has gotten gradually worst. Doctors in my local area refuse to treat me because I had the sleeve done in Mexico. I was able to get the mayo Clinic to treatment. I had a large paroesoIphgeal hernia that was pushing a 1/3 of my stomach into my chest cavity. The hernia damaged my diaphragm, stomach and my esophagus. The surgeon corrected that earlier this year. He said my sleeve was larger than normal, but it was the size they did them in 2005. He also said it had angular shape to it. He thought everything should be fine. Well I get home and as I increase the different foods the gerd comes back bad. Another trip to Mayo and I now have spontaneous reflux. Anything I swallow most of it comes back up. The sleeve has developed some sort of pocket and basically the food is going into the pocket and once it gets full it has no where to go, but up. My surgeon wants me to convert to an RNY. My insurance is not going to cover it because I was a self pay and even though I didn't have the current company when I had my surgery they said I should have followed the protocol of the prior insurance carrier. Since I didn't do that they won't cover it. They even have one of my claims from a procedure that the Mayo clinic did earlier pended for medical records. I plan to pay that out of pocket because I don't want them to take back other monies they have paid out. Bottom line is I become eligible for Medicare in December and hope to have my RNY early December. Strictly for the gerd. I really can't afford to lose any more weight.

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Just jumping in... I had acid before sleeve, some how I missed the part about it may worsen with the sleeve... mine is controlled with meds, however the prescription med I take is damaging my kidneys and I’m a diabetic, so my endocrinologist wants me to get the bypass so I can get off the prescription medicine for the reflux

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      Hi, congrats on your surgery!  Saw you went to Dr. Pleatman.  I've been between doing the Lap Band and sleeve.  I was suppose to have a consultation with Dr. Pleatman this month.  So far great experience with his office coordinator Carrie (sp?).   Feeling really scared and nervous about getting the sleeve.  If you can share...how was your experience with Dr. Pleatman's office and the surgery?   Thanks!
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