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Any gout sufferers out there?

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Hi all~

Does anyone else suffer with gout? Mine appears to be familial in that no typical foods or drinks trigger an attack.

I have recently been put in Uloric $$$ because I had a reaction to cheap allopurinol. Oh and so far uloric pills aren’t working yet because I am sitting here in gout hell and taking prednisone. Ugh

I know being overweight can be a cause so I’m really hoping post RNY that I can possibly get off meds. However, my thin family members are all gout sufferers and take allopurinol daily.

Has anyone had gout go away (meaning lower Uric acid levels) post WLS?


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Strange thing is, I just had someone ask me recently if I had gout...like it goes with gastric bypass. I don’t have it, but I’m curious now.

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Yeah. But then I think it gets better.

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