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I'm am just starting a bariatric diet. I am 245 lb and hesitant about the surgery but need to lose weight.i am doing well with everything except that I cant get motivated to go for a walk and at night I get bad food cravings. Any help is appriciated.
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I'm a bit opposite, I can't get motivated for pre op diet but doing the exercise[emoji16] . Have you tried doing it 1st thing in the morning before the stress of the day comes at you? Between kids, work and everything else I have to do it this way or I have no chance. How's the pre op. Diet working out for you? Any tips on that you can share would be appreciated

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I rid my house of all the “bad” foods prior to me starting my pre-op phase. Out of sight, out of mind is how my brain works. While it didn’t stop all of the cravings, at least I couldn’t eat those cravings. Having a Protein Shake helps make me full and kicks those cravings in the butt.

I also procrastinate about walking, but have found ways to get my steps in during the day. 3 short walks, taking the stairs, parking as far from the door as I can, etc. I find I’m enjoying being unplugged for a bit of time during my day and I’m doing something good for myself at the same time.

Diet and exercise are the keys to your “tool”..without them any type of surgery won’t work for the long term.

Good Luck! You deserve to be healthy.

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So, I think the most helpful thing for me (even more than surgery itself) was going to a weight loss clinic that has a couple therapists that specialize in weight issues and several therapy groups that focus on issues in weight loss. It has really helped me think about WHY I eat or don't exercise and come up with coping mechanisms other than food/sloth. I went for about a year before surgery, and have been going since (therapy anywhere between once a month to every week - depending on how I'm feeling and one group a week). It has really, really helped. And, honestly, the surgery only does some of the work, the rest is all about you. Also read the thread on the importance of doing the head work.

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    • Sabs211

      Gastric bypass 16/03/2020
      HW 400
      Weight before surgery 291
      CW 280
      GW 150
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    • Slim_mommee

      Surgery date 3/2/2020
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        Writing for the sake of writing!

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    • AggiG

      This virus is starting to get to me.  I am still doing my exercise (running and walking the dog and strength training but I am finding that I am snacking more, I don't like this!!  
      Is this happening to anyone else? What are you doing to combat it?
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    • Kimberly 20

      Good Morning,
      I am determined to get in more movement today. Since March 13th, we have been pretty much "at home". I was looking forward to hitting the gym, but alas, that is not to be. So, I will get in at least a 30-minute walk and some sort of online  (youtube) exercising. Anyone have any favorites they would like to recommend for a newcomer, beginner to mid-range?
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    • SarahSalman

      hello! This is my first week researching gastric bypass/sleeve. Can y’all please tell me everything you wish you knew from the start? I have read a lot but I feel like there is going to be some surprising disadvantages and I would like to know now. I think right now I am more interested in the sleeve. Can you please tell me why you chose which one you did? With either procedure are you ever allowed to eat rice again like even after a year? Can you drink alcohol ever again? Thank you in advance
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      1. Sabs211

        I wish i knew about the gas pain! The surgery itself didn't hurt but omg, the gas! 😣 still absolutely no regrets though! X

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