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Hello y’all! I just wanted to give an update on my journey so far. It has been rough. I was in the hospital 2 nights for my initial surgery. Was released on a Thursday. The following Sunday I was back in the hospital due to cellulitis in my left side but not from my incisions. I was there overnight because of the cellulitis and dehydration. I was released the next day. I was working of fluids and was fine but got very little in when it came to anything but Water. I thought it was normal. I was getting in 32-48oz of water and the nutritionist said that was good for only being 2.5 weeks post op but to keep working on it. Week 3 rolls around and I am having a hard time getting food in and I start having sliming episodes (lapbanders y’all know what I mean). Then it progressed to throwing up the little bit of soft/purées foods I was getting in. Then it progressed to me only getting i16-24o of water in a day and throwing that up. I was having what felt like stuck episodes. So I called my surgeons office and went in and saw one of the partnering surgeons and he did a swallow test. I told him before the swallow test that it feels like the area the band was placed is what I think is causing the issue. Sure enough it was. It was so tight that they scheduled me for a EGD with dilation for this morning. It may take several dilations to fix the issue but it felt so good to drink and eat something without feeling like I have a huge golf ball in my esophagus and stomach and then throwing up and aiming for literal hours. Night before last I ate about 1.5 tablespoons of food and slimed and threw up from around 10 p.m.-7:30a.m.. I was over it and knew for sure there was an issue. I didn’t sleep because I was throwing up slime balls every 15-20 minutes. ow to work on hydration and resting. I am very fatigued and weak. I got this. And even with these complications I would do it again. I went from 247 the day I started my preop diet to 232.2 day of surgery and today I weighed in at 215.8. Slower than some but still thankful and blessed.

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