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i hate cardio.

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8 hours ago, mousecat88 said:

Have you tried jogging in Water? They also have Water aerobics classes with resistance floaties (if you're fortunate enough to have a gym with a pool, unlike me).

Thanks for the tip. My gym has a pool, I'm positive they have classes.

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On 4/3/2019 at 4:07 PM, mousecat88 said:

i hate cardio. i've always hated cardio. i will always hate cardio. forever. i would rather lift weights 7 days a week than do 10 minutes of cardio. i would rather clean the bathroom of a gas station at midnight than do cardio. i would rather experience 4 hours of dumping syndrome than do cardio. i would rather go to work than do cardio.

cardio is doom. cardio is sadness.

i do HIIT twice a week with my trainer now and he says i HAVE to do 30 minutes of "challenging" cardio every single day i am not with him at the gym. :( i have a stationary bike, arm pedal, and vertical climber at home. but i hate it. hate ittttt. i want to get to my goal weight by november-ish so i know i have to do it. why can't i get my lazy butt up and just do it? it's only 30 minutes. GOSH.


I hate it too.. so , so , so hate it...I would be right with you cleaning that bathroom to avoid it too.. I try to get outside and at least get it in while walking or hiking and seeing different scenery.. I can lift weights all day and I love to slap on higher weights after a young whipper snappers left a machine.. I HATE that I still have to do what I hate to do as an old broad who’s done WAY more things in life that I hated and I really don’t have any advice to make you enjoy it I only can say I feel ya!!

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I dislike it also but to make the time fly I watch a movie or two while on the bike 😀

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