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Imma Post Here Anyways - Mini Success

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I'm going to post my (almost) 3 month success.

I have conquered a brutally painful post-op ulcer. A gallbladder removal where it had to be peeled off my liver from having embedded itself into it. And a hernia repair where my intestinal junction had started to separate. All in the last 2.5 months. I am healed up completely now (still a week from exercise post-gallbladder) and ON TRACK LIKE A NORMAL PATIENT. Suck it, unjust medical complications!

And I am officially my lowest adult weight since 2013. 63lbs down since September. 53lbs down since 11/1 surgery.

And that's my mini-success. :)

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1 hour ago, mousecat88 said:

unjust medical complications!


A lot has happened to you, and you came out the other side healthier, and happier. Hernia repair,

gallbladder , ulcer too- ouch that's a lot to deal with. Not a mini-success. You went all the way with

a great, huge/ success !!! glad you are feeling like a "normal" person again!! LOL 63 lbs pre and

post op gone - WTG!! keep up the great job



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Sorry for all your complications and wishing you smooth sailing going forward on your journey😊

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Patience is a virtue, but at 73 the rest of my vitue is long gone, living on grit, determination, 12 hours of TPN a night and hoping my story will end as well as my Bari-Bud 🐭🐱(aka MouseCat), so so proud of Her success! Oh got to believe it's only a Matter of Time, never planned to be like this 5 months out from surgery. And oh it started out So Good , 2 weeks in. my stoma strictured, the ulcerations started , they should have known , I already had a gastric ulcer I named Hector in the stomach part bypassed, went in with DX of Gastritis, took me off my PPI Dexilent, put me on their ineffectual Omeprazole, may work for many, never did for ME and I have been hanging on the tail of a tornado every since!
And when will it END, IDK but sure wish I did! So I chug-a-chugging along on a limited Stage 2 diet, liquids and thin purees once a day, sustained largely on the calories and nutrition from TPN fed through a PICC line in my upper Left Arm. Been there for 2 months yesterday, possibly for 2 more months, at least that was the last recommendation I was given last Friday at my EGJ, 9th endoscopy lifetime, 6th at OSU. Well to be technically correct
Transnasally July 2013
EGD June 2015
EGD December 2017 those 3 were at my local Community Hospital KCH in Mount Vernon
EGD immediately prior to RnY surgery September 5 2018 by Dr Needleman
EGJs because post RnY duodenum is no longer accessible, only your jejunem, the 2nd section of Small Intestine
Those were October 12, October 26, November 9th, November 28, that's when I was bad enough I was hospitalized and PICC l8ne inserted next day, all these done by Sabrena Noria MD, my surgeons partner who just 💞doing endoscopies. And lastly January 25 2019 by their Senior Resident Noah J Stinson MD, Dr Noria was over- booked, I guess. He wasn't too bad, this time they attempted stretching my stomal stricture part way, did it work permanently? Doubtful, Dr Noria tried in October, snapped right back where it was before, a virtual pinhole that lets only liquids through. Does THIS happen often? Oh I am so dang special I nearly stink, and I did not request to be! I WANT to be like all the others out there, my surgery day twins are on Stage 4 or Normal diets, and I'm lagging behind. Wahhh!😪😥💦

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