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Sleeved 9/5/18 Still in hospital

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@TX4everLinds thank you!

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hiya folks. It has been a week and 10 hours. since my RnY bypass and things are not rosy in bypass-ville anymore than in sleeve-town.
I have had some,nice advances as well,as some not so good.Rather a mixed bag, but then isn't Life Always?
Let's,start with better ones
Visited my surgeon yesterday
He removed my steri strips, although I had thought since,i was,doing so magnificently good he had just traced the lines on my skin to fool me, there is at least I suture down in each one.
I have,6 different incisions/ trocar wounds. A small one between my,breasts , at,the bottom of my sternum. One the right we have a medium and a slightly larger one, on the left 2 medium and one at the top inner surface of my navel . Now I know why,they,told me to scrub my navel very well. Aside of my stomach,muscles feeling very very tired, no pain, really truly. He used the top of my navel, I think, because I have a tubal ligation scar in the bottom. And I do not feel the mental revulsion toward myself after my bypass I did then.
if you want the back story,on that sometime, just ask,okay?
I was advanced at 6 days to Stage 3, he said my healing et al justified it , so Hurray for ME, although the calorie count does not raise signifantly the diversity,will be nice.
Now the bad things if I may
I now have pain, especially in Right biggest. I am not sure if the removal of the steri strips and the swoosh of air hitting them? I cannot blame my Dr Needlman, he has very gentle hands and I know he would not,willingly, cause me pain.
The reason in was there early? Well I rather expected,a little bruising around the 6 air vents, what i did not expect was what happened. Sunday afternoon while peacefully baseball watching I noticed an amount of bruising under the left,subcostal area. Hmmn Odd I said to myself, but by that evening like a purple veil bruising was marching across my abdomen. I am not,the late Prince, I do not require everything purple, and although it was not really painful , it to me looked distended, every stretch Mark on that side looked swollen and almost back-up. I have a lot of stretch marks, 3 9 and over babies, none of which,laid in my uterus the same directions. Individuals even prenatally. To,me, it looked swollen and warm to the touch, my regular temp was still,ok, blood pressure fine, I have my own,electronic cuff . I laid on my bed or on the couch and watched the progression. Oddly around each of the 6 incisions was a white border,of normality.
Joann , the aftercare nursing coordinator called to check on me, they do that at least 3 times your post-surg week after. Isn't that cool of OSU? When I told her about that , she said that is not usual, bruising yes, weird progress no. Let me talk with the resident on duty,and I'll get back to,you in the morning. 10-15 minutes later she called back and said Dr Needleman wants,to see,you in his office at 1 pm Tuesday, can you make it? Remember I live 48 miles from there ,not like I can catch a cross-town 🚌 bus. Luckily I did find transport. In the meantime do not administer your 8pm or 8am Lovenox in case it could be worsening the condition.
Over and back would have,been fine but we had to be picked up early because of another person. Her appointment was in Reynoldsburg, east,almost to the next county'-line, mine was on the near north side of Columbus proper so a lot more automobile bouncing than I was planning on..
Well Dr Needleman gently palpate and prodded my left side, I was a good girl, I resisted the urge to knee him in the groin although that knee did twitch a little. He admitted he never had one like that before, hey I know I'm wonderful and I'm special but no one wants to be that special!
I can Now go back to my Lovenox shots,which I have a real facility for. Hmmn an Retirement New Business? Card could read. Frustr8---Lovenox Injector---Extraordine Grade.
I am to watch for a renewed wave of purple across the old TumTum, otherwise he thinks I'll be fine
The bottom bad line-- that 3rd day sorrowful,OmG why Did I do This waited until today to raise its ugly hydra-headed self. Today I have the pain I should had post and 1st day, especially in the largest right side wound, I know,sleevers left side one is largest because that's where the remnant stomach is pulled out, maybe ours is one the right because that's where the big business guns go in? But,sh** it do hurt. And with the other stressors in my life, it felt like Hector my itty bitty,gastric ulcer was waking up from his chemical slumber. See,they downgraded me from Dexilant which worked to Prilosec which really,don't. Their rational, you can open up Prilosec and sprinkle it on your foods, Dexilant capsules don't come apart, NBT I'd be willing to cut them open instead.
My landlord has turned malevolent, his wife wants to sell the house out from under,me. and I do,not have the funds necessary for purchase, he wants to take me to court,on the 24th And try to evict,me. And he scheduled it all for now knowing of my surgery date, told him the exact date as soon as I knew.
I was about throw something against the wall, find some soft warm slider food Like a batch of mashed potaies, stick my spoon in until Precious Pouch rebelled and I barfed. See,i can talk the talk but today I was having much trouble walking the walk!
Then Joann called, almost,like she was psychic, because I was descending to an emotional low point. We had a good chat and we,may have,uncovered a problem. # One has been okay but #2 has been non-existent. I might have had 1 late the 3rd or early the 4th, but nothing since. Well I did pass 1 walnut fece during a bathroom trip,to expell ⛽gas. And I have been faithfully downing a Miralax packet in my fluids, usually Propel or another no cal Water daily. NADA So today 2 packets of Miralax, and if no results My Cherry MOM at,bedtime. I said maybe its because I really haven't been eating solids? Nope, if I didn't have hard formed stool,i should be passing smooth squishy ones. Why did I not tell her on Monday? IDK I just figured it was NBD. And her highly trained Nurse Practitioner Assesment, I am full of something and it ain't Sunshine and Starlight. So we shall see,what "passes" both literally and figuratively. And on Friday she hopes to hear good updates, said it also could explain some of my,left side distended state.Oh💩 fairy ---Where Are You?

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My day 7 was less than stellar y’all. For starters I was woken up early and couldn’t go back to sleep bc it was just about an hour and a half before my pain med - right when everything starts hurting again and you really want to be sleeping. So I laid here for the time until medicine was due, took it and then crashed out and didn’t wake up until 2 hours later. This sounds great but my morning routine has been to wake up, take my pain medicine, pee and hopefully at least toot! Weigh myself. Then take a walk with a Protein Shake. So my whole fluids schedule was messed up and I just was not feeling well.

I’d like to add that without a heating pad I could not have gotten through the last week so there’s a lifesaving tidbit for you.

My afternoon medicine went down too quickly and with too much Water somehow and I immediately had hideously painful heartburn accompanied with drooling and extreme pain. Staggered to the other room to find my husband who helped me by gently rubbing my back and helping me burp for like 20 minutes. It is hard to explain but it was a very trying ordeal. I started to wonder if I had pushed myself too hard yesterday and this was the price? I’m still not sure. I’m still trying to drink and am in bed but not asleep yet. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is much more manageable and that I don’t have any more setbacks!

Regarding weight loss, I’m losing about a pound a day at this point. I was 242 day of surgery and 241 the next day when I got home so I didn’t gain any of the hospital weight I guess. My current weight as of this morning was 236. We’ll see what tomorrow holds. I was pooping sorta but have stopped and, like frustr8, welcome the poo fairy anytime!

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