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Shelly's VSG journey - F, 34, 5'6", 242, BMI 39.06

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1 hour ago, Shells83 said:

@macadamia Thank you! I'm glad you were able to get the 6 QT at such a great price on prime day. I am loving mine so far. I also bought one of those silicone molds for egg bites. I think they will be great to take to work when I go back.

Do you do anything special for your egg bites? I'm thinking that I'll just make scrambled eggs and put what I would put in the pan with them into the raw eggs and use a hand blender to mix everything together, then pour them into the molds. How long are you cooking yours? Have you had any issues with the silicone smell or taste? (some reviews said this was an issue)

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@macadamia I haven't gotten around to trying the egg bites yet! But I plan on using this recipe I found: https://www.staysnatched.com/instant-pot-low-carb-starbucks-sous-vide-bacon-egg-bites/

I'll let you know once I try them! I'm out of eggs right now and have been using the carton egg whites. But whites are getting too boring.

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Well, it's back to real life tomorrow. I'm returning to work. :( I wonder if anyone will notice that I've lost weight?

I'm going to have to get a new routine down to get my walking and meal prep in. I think I'm going to take egg whites with cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese tomorrow for my meals and see how that goes. I should be able to get a half hour walk in for my lunch break as long as I go early to beat the heat.

No issues with any foods still. Starting next week, I can do exercise other than walking. I think I'll start out slow with a Jillian Michael's weight lifting DVD and maybe do some jogging intervals during my walks. I can also move to the next stage in my diet and start incorporating more foods!

So I was trying to figure out whether I had anything nice enough to wear to an interview, just to be prepared since I've started applying for jobs. I can't believe how many shirts are too loose already! Not that I had many shirts that would work anyway, since we can wear casual clothing at my current job. I did end up ordering a new shirt to wear from Kohls, but I got a good deal on it. I also had to order a pair of close toed dress shoes but got a great deal on those too. I have a couple Lularoe skirts that will work with my new shirt and shoes, so hopefully that will tide me over until fall. I just don't want to have to scramble to find something that fits last minute if I get a call for an interview. My cousin actually is friends with a manager at one of the places I applied, so I'm pretty confident I'll get an interview there. I really hope so anyway!

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Frustr8, glad you have your date now! Shelly, I am loving hearing your story! Keep the updates coming! I had VSG 4/12 and am down 73 pounds. You are wise to hold off getting new clothes Shelly. You will need them all too soon and OFTEN! Thank goodness for thrift stores! Your neighbor to the north and west (as you are in Iowa and Ohio)... I have asked for an InstaPot for my birthday which is next week. Looking forward to having it!

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And I hope you get it. It sounds like something great to have, I'm in favor of anything that makes easier.😛

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    • Little Kansas Kitty

      I broke my stall this week! Yay!  Also, I started Mederma for scar therapy.  Here's my most recent uploaded video on YouTube:  
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    • Tealael

      NSV: needed a shirt pronto someone was at the door or something and I grabbed a camisole, when I checked later it belongs to my 13yr old (and she  is not husky sized lol) score !
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      2. Apple203

        I needed a raincoat yesterday and my husband grabbed one of my son's old ones. Score.............

      3. Tealael

        Crazy right!

    • allwet

      Milestone date for me on this journey. I now weigh the same as the day i got out of boot camp in 1984 and is the least i have ever weighed as an adult.
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Wow, congrats!!!

      2. proudgrammy

        great- you will continue to go downward-congrats

    • Mattymatt

      Getting back to work has been really good for me! I am so busy I hardly have time to think about food or eat much and the scale and pants really show. I am either going to need a smaller belt or new jeans. A new belt is cheaper so I'll try this first. My tee shirts hang on me now.
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    • Izzy Bizzy

      Im 4 weeks out now and i still get dizzy a lot, i will be doing the most minimalistic things and suddenly have this rush come over me where i feel week and dizzy. Usually not while I'm working out tho. It will happen on the way home from the gym, or in the shower after the gym. It kind of is just annoying at this point... but I'm down 38 pounds from the hospital and i continue to lose weight every day, weather it be .1 pound or 5 pounds in a day progress is progress. It has also been tough because it is summer and it is the summer before my senior year, i want to be out with my friends and go to parties that they are having but for the first two weeks i was kept at my parents side and they only let me go to a birthday party last week for the first time, i feel like i haven't seen my friends as much as I'm used to in the summer, and it kinda sucks, but at the end of the day it was my choice and i hope i made the right one. Im type excited to go back to band camp physically ready, and mentally motivated to push my self more than before. Im excited to do the 3 laps around the band field and not be 5 minutes behind everyone else. I am excited to lose more weight before band starts and i can wear my new boujee workout gear. I am excited to see if anybody notices my weight loss and if it affects my social life once school starts. 
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      1. Sosewsue61

        Drink a protein drink right after your workout, or get more fluids - dizziness can be from dehydration. Push liquids at all times. Good luck.

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