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Dense Protein Idea----Salmon or Tuna Packets

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Except for me, apparently. Lol. Just cause I don’t spin the same worn out diet mentality line of “just eat less and you’ll weight less, it’s magic” doesn’t mean I’m sugar coating or wrong. There are many ways to lose and maintain weight that are different than the usual take of calories in calories out.
I don’t like “tough love”. It’s a sugar coated way of just being a narrow minded a*****e.
You want to take a population of people with eating disorders and super messed up behaviors around food and tell them all you need is more willpower and some “tough love” and you’ll lose and maintain your weight - YA RIGHT.
keep fooling yourself people.
Everyone on here can share their opinion. It doesn’t make them right. A lot of people on here are wrong. Just like I was wrong when i still thought weightloss was a matter of willpower. It isn’t. It simply is not.

Thank you for the suggestion. I would just like to point out the soduim levels. Sometimes we over looks this ..i certianly do. But sometimes the soduim amount is insane. And too much soduim can hinder wieght loss and cuase medical issues in the long run.

I personally never used to loom at soduim..only carb.. protien ..fiber and sugar. Until my NUT suggested i pay closer attention to it since it may have been a factor in losing. And sure enough when i cut soduim i began to lose more.

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Check out the app Seafood Watch, tells you all about what’s got bad levels and where you can find sustainable seafood in your area

If the app doesn’t dive that deep into mercury, their website does have a list- seafoodwatch.org just search mercury and a list pops up.

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