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Hi Subaru - Glad to hear you're feeling well! I'm experiencing much the same - figuring out what foods work for me and which don't and working on eating slowly (I get a tightness in my chest when I eat too much or too fast). I'm down 41 lbs, which feels incredible, and I've just started working out which I'm hoping will keep the momentum going (my weight loss has definitely slowed the past few weeks but I'm still averaging about 1.5 - 2 lbs/week, which I'm thrilled with).

I'm with my family in the White Mountains of NH this week and "vacation eating" is something I'm struggling with as well (especially when my husband and son are skiing, I'm at the condo, and I have to resist my natural urge to snack all day). I only tried skiing once in my life (in high school, on a date) and it was a disaster but I'm thinking this time next year, I'll be in better shape and might give it another try. :)

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