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"Ready" for surgery? How much were you able to change before surgery?

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15 hours ago, Chiefsfan said:

I started the process back in April. Today I had my pre op with surgeon. I finally have a surgery date of December 4! I am so excited! Since April I have lost 27 lbs! Long way to go but I am so ready!

You know what I love about this journey? All the I have a long way to go posts. I'm not being sarcastic either. It always feels like a long way when it is all laid out in front of you. Fast forward to almost 13 months out and I am like I can't believe I did all this in only a year.

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Hey folks,
I'm pre-op, will be submitting for insurance approval in December. I've been struggling with my pre-op diet for a while and wanted to know how much you were able to change about your eating habits and such prior to surgery. I go back and forth between feeling really down on myself, wondering if I should postpone surgery since I "can't do it" and maybe that means I'm not ready, and then also feeling like all bariatric patients struggle with changing eating habits and if it was that easy we could just do it without surgery so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.
What do you think? Were you still struggling with eating unhealthy foods before surgery or did you have a pretty good handle on things?
I've been in weekly therapy for over four months trying to deal with issues around food and I thought I would have made much more progress between then and now. It's pretty discouraging and makes me worried that I won't be successful after surgery. My bariatric team and therapist are all super supportive and have told me they are behind me whether I go with surgery or not. I definitely still want to have surgery but I'm just constantly second guessing myself.

Hello there.
I tried eating the post op diet of 4 ounces of food only.. I failed miserably and thought if I can't do it now I can't do it after. I should not do it. I was very wrong. Because you need the brain to change sure. But the physical restriction is something I can't stimulate before. Now I have no issues eating even under 4 ounces.
I did try to make changes before. And mostly stuck to my pre op diet. Because it was only short term so it wasn't so bad.
Don't be discouraged.. I am a new person and only 4 months post. And I really am in an easy phase ... Weights pouring of and I don't feel on a diet. I feel like I'm living my life.

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I only just realized . I quit soda post
And haven't even thought of it
Used to have a huge amount

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Little Green, I feel your pain. Sticking to my diet and changing my eating habits has been a mean angry beeyatch for me. LOL.

After a lot of years of losing and regaining 50 pounds (plus a little extra, why not?)...my bad back, climbing sugar numbers and a cancer scare (I don't have it, thank the gods) finally forced the issue. Somthin gotta be done...I ain't happy like this.

I just hit that...Ah crap, moment. Some people call it an Aha! moment. I think they're liars. LOL. For me, it was definitely Ah crap!

One thing I noticed at a bariatric group support meeting...is that people lie a lot.

The psychologist running the group asked, "What have you done this week to boost your activity?"

And people's responses were:

"I've done three hours of circuit training and cardio daily, when I'm not running marathons with disabled children and teaching the homeless to jog to keep warm"

"I built a home gym and have networked with friends to workout together every day after work with a healthy recipe exchange. I've also joined a rowing team and take salsa dancing lessons three times a week."

"I ran a triathalon, climbed Mt. Everest, and built new organizers into all my closets for the new clothes I can't wait to buy!"

....and I'm kinda lookin around at this group of 250-500 pound people thinking to myself... These people know the right answers. They've studied this. They are REALLY knowledgeable. (but are they seriously doing all this crap they say they're doing?)

Then the psychologist asked the room, "What BAD eating choices have you made this week?"

And I piped up, "One night I got really desperate and stupid, woke up at 3am, and slathered a piece of white bread with butter and put chocolate sprinkles on it and ate it in the bathroom."

People looked at me in horror and laughed nervously.

Psychologist, "Anyone else?"


Thanks guys. I'm the only freak here. Right. That's why most of the folks in this room have to buy two seats on the plane. LOL. (I didn't say that, of course)

So yeah...I get it....this stuff is hard. A lot of fat people are perfectionists. They don't like to talk about being imperfect. For some, it's really hard to admit when they've been human, caved into the addiction, and had to get back up again.

And I think that's the key....learning to get right back up after you did something stupid....and do the right thing again. Not hating yourself for it. Not beating yourself up. I'm not saying you shouldn't be accountable to yourself. Not saying that's a license to not improve. Just saying...accept that you're imperfect. It's ok. The best people aren't perfect.

It's ok to struggle every single day, and make the choice to keep working.

Now, to answer the question myself... I'm making some "good progress changing my eating habit" (I hope you read that in Dr. Nowzaradin's voice...cause that's how it was in my head) The fitbit has helped me A LOT.

Making substitutions for things I really love to eat and can actually tolerate...has helped, too. I'm a carb ***** (rhymes with war)....but I've switched my carbs to low glycemic carbs, and I'm mindful of eating more Protein. When I'm having a carb craving from hell....I have protein pancakes and can keep it at bay. I love my smoothie maker. Frozen banannas with cocoa and splenda and almond milk....saves me from most stupid impulses. When I "Need" pizza...I grab a California Kitchen four cheese pizza and dress it up with mushrooms, green peppers, onions and diced Canadian bacon. Half the pizza is about 470 calories. I have it with a big garden salad and life is good. I have learned to cook a lot of Thai and Chinese. I limit the rice to a quarter cup, and indulge in all those great flavors...garlic, ginger, coconut milk, curry, fish sauce, splenda brown sugar. Peanut Butter chicken veggie Soup is a staple at my house now. All my sandwiches are on pumpernickel. All my cheese is reduced fat swiss or part skim mozzarella...or cabot's 40% cheddar. Avacado toast with a poached egg, and chai seed pudding are staples in my diet. When I need my chicken nuggets, I make them with shake and bake.

One think I think dieters do...that hurts them long term....is eating foods they hate. I refuse to do that anymore. It's harder to find stuff that's legal that you love....but I think that's a big key. You need to be happy.

Exercise, which has always hated me....has become a lot of fun with my fitbit. Just upping your steps a hundred here and there feels like an accomplishment. You can start really slow, and you can walk absolutely anywhere. I've worn out the carpet in a loop around my house. LOL.

Be patient with yourself. You can do this. Sometimes it takes a little longer to "get there". And sometimes even after we've gotten there...we spectacularly screw up and have to get up and try again. Just keep getting up. Wishing you the very best.

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