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I am getting a bad over my sleeve. I have gained weight back since my sleeve back in 2011. I was told the band revision would be the best solution. Have anyone else know of anyone who have done this? I have heard of gastric bypass to band.

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very very very bad idea. Lap bands have terrible complications and as of right now a 50% failure rate. the odds are extremely high you will do irreversible damage. there are Bariatric patients out there who have done band over RNY (never heard it for sleeve) and they can never have another revision because it could be fatal for them. my local center of excellence currently has an 80% removal rate...80%. there are countries that have banned the band.

the conventional revision path from a sleeve for lack of weight loss is either RNY or DS (the sleeve is the first stage of the DS).

Honestly, I"m shocked any doctor would recommend a band. my doctor says any doctor still putting them in should be sued for malpractice.

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