Hello! 26 year old female in New York looking to make new friends!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Stephanie and I am in the beginning processes of getting bypass surgery. I'm getting the Roux-en-Y procedure and mainly I'd love to make new friends who are going through the same process as me. No one in my immediate friend or family group get it! None of them understand, truly understand why I want to do this. Sometimes I want to wack them in the forehead and say HELLLOOOO DO YOU NOT SEE HOW BIG I AM? Anyway I'm a social butterfly, I like making new friends, I would be open to meeting people in my area, or even having a pen pal. Hope to hear back from you guys! Thanks.

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HI Stephanie !

My name is Steffi (its not nickname lol its my actual name)! I am also 26 years old and will be 4 years post op 02/2018. I am from NY, my surgery was done at Mount Sinai. I had the gastric bypass when I was 23 and its been quite a journey. I do not regret, it was the best decision I made. I would love to talk to you too ! If any questions or just want talk just message me.

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