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6 hours ago, NANCYTA said:

I have had surgeriesin Mexico with Dr Antonio Moreno for my gastric bypass in 2015 and Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon in Mexico, on 2 separate occasions, for a Tummy Tuck the first time 2017 and brachioplasty in 2018 and I never experienced what the person above has mentioned. My experience was totally diferrent. I would recommend Dr Baltazar Rendon and Dr Moreno to anyone wishing to receive quality surgery, good after care, reasonable cost, and a concern for the patient equal to any I have experienced in USA.

I am sorry the experience but i really don't believe the experience was as terrible as described.

After loosing 160 pounds in two years, the Tummy Tuck changed my entire life. I really recommend to do it

All the best

I’m suspicious that you just joined this site to post this review of these doctors;?therefore, I don’t think your “experience” is legitimate. Do you work for them? I suspect you do.

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I also had plastics in Mexico and my experience was just the opposite. Dr. CARDANIS Did several procedures on me in two separate trips.
Trip 1 lower body lift with lipo
Second trip back lift, arms, butt lift with fat transfer, and more Lipo. I stayed at a recovery house and she visited me EVERY DAY. My pain was managed appropriately. The girls were great. Dr. CARDINAS office looked better than my doctors office in Chicago. I'm am planning another trip next year

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I second that! I used BariatricPal for my RNY and couldn’t have been happier with the staff and care I received! I wouldn’t think of any place else when the time comes for my plastics. I live in Canada and the costs here are horrendous, plus I KNOW I’ll receive better care at BariatricPal than any hospital here.

I also had plastics in Mexico and my experience was just the opposite. Dr. CARDANIS Did several procedures on me in two separate trips.
Trip 1 lower body lift with lipo
Second trip back lift, arms, butt lift with fat transfer, and more Lipo. I stayed at a recovery house and she visited me EVERY DAY. My pain was managed appropriately. The girls were great. Dr. CARDINAS office looked better than my doctors office in Chicago. I'm am planning another trip next year. I am also a nurse and I have been one for 20 years. I certainly would recommend Dr. CARDINAS. She was wonderful, understanding and had a great bed side manner.

Actually my breast reduction and lft which were done in the US covered by my insurance was horrible and did not come out as expected. I have two different size and shaped breast with a fat embolism the siye of a baseball in one and a golf ball in the other. I wish I had paid to have it done in Mexico.

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I would say yes and no. Yes, because no one in the US would take a plus size woman and no because there is a lot to know when doing such surgery and a lot of information you find out after the fact. I did a Tummy Tuck at 265 pounds. Make sure you notify your doctor of what you are planning to do because you will need your bloodwork and x-rays in order for Dr. Bernardo to operate on you. Potassium and Iron is always an issue so you might want to start taking it a month in advance your surgery. All bloodwork must be within a month of the surgery. My total package was $5500 in Mexico City. It does not include food or any outside excursion.

You will need at least 3 tall bottles of Water each day. So make sure you buy them the day you arrive. You will need to drink water with your medication and also stay hydrated. And you will also need to walk 15 minutes at least three times for the day to avoid blood clots. Change at least $150 US to Mexico currency. So you don’t have to worry about figuring out the exchange rate. Are use it to buy my water the tip the hotel stuff, and my pick up and drop off attendance. If you have any leave over you can change it at the airport back to US currency. You don’t have to tip I just choose to. Make sure to use Google translate. No one, I mean no one speaks English.

I didn’t get the results I wanted all around but his work was still pretty good. I think he did the best he can. And he also let me know that he could not take out anymore fat due to guidelines. He also gave me a little extra Lipo that I did not pay for. So that was a plus for me. He will tell you what to expect not in details but you will get an idea. Make sure to bring a small spray bottle of vinegar with you & dilute with water to spread the area after you take showers to avoid infection.

Details - first you need to buy the Vitamins and minerals they tell you to buy. You have to spend at least 8 to 10 days before traveling back. The hotel of their choice is not bad at all. But warning, stay away from the hotel food. Uber is dirt cheap. First when you arrived at the airport, You will be confused as hell but Raul, Will be holding a sign with your name on it. He is very helpful and speak very good English. Except for in the end when he made me lift my walker to put in the trunk by myself. He will take you straight to your consultation with Dr. Bernardo. Make sure you have your questions handy. I mean any questions. After your consultation you will be taken to your hotel. He will write you a few prescriptions that you will take with you for the next day.

The next day you will need to shower in the morning. And leave everything inside your hotel room including jewelry headpiece such as wigs & make sure you’re not wearing any earrings or nail polish at all. Bring your prescriptions, your payment (cash only) and your ID along with your prescription that the doctor wrote. Also your compression garment. Make sure you have two compression garment and it has a crotch hole and booty hole. It’s hard to takeoff and put back on. Bring free flowing dresses, they’re easy to put on and takeoff.

The lady Pamela will pick you up The day of your surgery. You will give her the money for the prescription that’s in your quote and she will take the down payment from you. She lied and told me that I will get a email receipt but it never happened. In other words they don’t give receipts. I guess they don’t leave paper trails. You will also sign a bunch of papers, meaning that if you die, they are not responsible. So take pictures of what you’re signing because they will rush you. It’s also not in a hospital (your surgery) but in a medical facility across the street from the hospital. After all this transaction you will be taken into your recovery room. Strip down and feet covered along with your head and whatever else needs to be done. You will be taken to the surgery table. Don’t expect them to tell you when you will be knocked out. I just woke up and thank God I was alive. You will be taken to a recovery holding room before you go to your actual recovery room where you will spend the night. You will have round the clock nurses. Some are very sweet and others are just downright inexperience and clumsy. I told the nurse that released me that my drainage tube stopped working and she ignored me. After I was released from the recovery room I went back to my hotel room.

Please I beg you make sure you bring someone with you. Depression will set in big time. I struggle so bad on my own. I had no one to help me after my tummy tuck. It was the worst experience ever. It’s worse than a C-section. They say a doctor is supposed to see you throughout the week days. Well no one came until the weekend. And if I didn’t cry and beg for a doctor to come I would not get a doctor until the following Monday. So I went a few days after my surgery without seeing a doctor and no one checked up on me. After the doctor came she realized that my complaint to the nurse during My release was accurate. The drainage tube was not working. Dr Alejandra is very sweet & knowledgeable but appears impatient. She made sure to be on schedule and see me every day and answered all my questions. After I came back to the US, I had hell with heeling and still do. Maybe it’s just my skin and blood type. I don’t know. Don’t waste your time texting or contacting either the surgeon or the doctor. Once you’re home you’re on your own. So make sure you’ll have reliable help. No one is going to coach you or prepare you for the after facts. You will literally be on your own. No matter how much research you do, everyone experience is different and no one can prepare you for this. Overall I would give my experience a 4 out of a 10.

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Beware !

I have had two separate experiences with this clinic and they were both negative.

When I contacted top plastic surgeons mexico via email to ask questions and schedule my procedure, they responded quickly respond with abundance of information.

In order to book or secure a date for procedure, you need to book your flight. There is no deposit required at that point. You will be email someone named David Suez who’s title is Schedule Coordinator. Just to be clear Top Plastic Surgery is the Clinic and Dr. J Bernardo Baltazar Rendon who also works for Hospital Angeles Pedregal.

My first procedure was 06/2021. I came to Mexico solo, I was greeted in the airport by driver Raul with a sign of my name, he helped with bags, opened the car door. He brought me to the hotel and picked me up in thlater that night brought me to my appointment with Dr. J Bernardo Baltazar Rendon at Hospital Angeles Pedregal, we went over what I wanted and what he could do with my body type and fat at the time. We discussed the need for bloodwork and compression garment which should actually be done in your country but can be done in Mexico. My surgery was scheduled for the following day in the night as Dr. J Bernardo Baltazar Rendon schedules all appointments and surgery around his day job. At no point in you stay will you enter a Top Plastic Surgery Mexico office or clinic. At no point in you stay will you meet David Suez. The communication via email ends when you arrive. The Dr. and the clinic act as separate entites. The drivers Raul and Pamala will refer you to the Dr. and the Dr will refer you to the clinic and the clinic will not respond.

The following day Pamala comes to my hotel room. She is literally introducing her self to me for the first time at my hotel room door. So we discuss my procedure, she collects my money in the hotel room and ask that I fill out two contact, release forms actually. I ask for a receipt for payment and a photo copy of the documents I just signed. She told me that she would give this to me by end of day. I never get a receipt for payment or copy of docs. We proceed to get lab work done and getting medicine from the pharmacy. If you do your lab work in Mexico, you will not get a copy because they put the doctors contact information for results. At this point I inquire about the compression garment and wanting to get it for use immediately after surgery. I was given a garment that was two small and that did not compress the arms; which Raul asked me to return and I did.

I had my procedure, full body Lipo, ab etching and bbl. I was in a private recovery room. Blood pressure was not taken every 2hrs. I would have to ask or the nurse would come in at random. The day after surgery they wrap me in large gauze to leave in as I don’t have the garment that I was told I would have an opportunity to purchase the day before. For the first three days following surgery I was out of a garment. I has infection and large hematoma in my left butt, not normal bursing from the procedure. A nurse came 1 day out of my 5 day stay, she changed my antibiotics and removed my stitches. Did not do a blood pressure. She did do a rapid covid test for travel which the airlines did not accept going back to USA.

I saw the Dr on day 4 following procedure which I had to request. I told him about my whole experience in Mexico and being unhappy with my results. My abdomen was uneven, no ab etching, my arms and armpits remained the same in size and the large amount of fat that was removed from other areas, majority of that fat her told me he disagreed of but didn’t transfer enough far to begin with. He told me that day that everything will heal and come together and that he can always do another procedure. Why would I want to put my body through that agin with a one year period . .

Raul drives me to airport to return home, I had to do another covid test at the airport, they did not accept the one I had. Additional cost that I was not reimbursed. This is the moment he asked me to return the garment that did not fit and he told me that if it is dirty that I would have to pay for it.

The months following I was not able to contact anyone not via email, not on whatsapp, not on the regular telephone. Pamala told me at one point that she no longer works for the company but I see her 5 months later when I return, still working with the company. So basically I was left BOTCHED looking uneven and lop sided. I was finally able to contact top plastic surgery to have corrective surgery, I honestly believe they were under the impression that I was a new patient, in the way they were speaking to me and adding a fee to my corrective procedure.

SEOCOND experience 11/2021. I come to Mexico, the driver raul comes to airport. He is outside the airport, I have to literally go looking for him, Be mindful, I don’t have consistent cell phone reception. My appointment with Dr. Is that evening, same spiel. The surgery was the following day. Raul comes to my hotel room for money and documents. I told him that he needs to speak to the clinic because the agreement was that there was going to be no fee aside from labs, medicine and covid test. He confirms with I don’t know who, the ask me to sign form and the form clearly stated that hotel is apart of the package. I pay the hotel fee then he says that I have to pay for the nurse that comes to visit me and then I have to pay if I stay overnight in the recovery suite, at this point I hold off on the paperwork until I am able to confirm what fees I am responsible for and the ones that I am not responsible for. He tells me that Im acting like I don’t want to pay for anything and I’m being crazy in my decision to ask questions and advocate for myself. So rude, so respect for women because I’m sure if I was a man his response would have been different.

Fast forward I wasn’t able to contact anyone in my 5 day stay. The Dr. did my procedure, came to the suite the following day, I didn’t not see him again, no follow up appointment, no nurse came to check on me, no covid test, stitches were not removed, I took a uber from recovery suite to hotel, I took a uber to airport. Horrible experience and my results are better then the first time but there shouldn’t have been a second time. Will not recommend this clinic or Dr. to anyone, not to my worst enemy.

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On 12/6/2018 at 4:00 PM, NANCYTA said:

I would recommend Dr Baltazar Rendon and Dr Moreno

With which hospital are they affiliated? Where in Mexico?

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KAP123, Nichole37:

I can't thank you enough for your comprehensive reviews. You probably saved me from making one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

After looking at multiple places in Miami, the D.R., and my hometown (St. Louis), I decided to choose Top Plastic Surgeons for a BBL and liposuction for several reasons: 1) the inclusiveness of their services -- 7 nights at a hotel, pick-up from the airport, transport to and from the surgery center, and a doctor checking on me 5 days a week. Since I was going to be traveling alone, this was a big consideration; 2) I speak Spanish, and have been to Mexico City 4 times in the past year. Therefore I felt comfortable having surgery in a familiar environment; 3) the surgery is performed in a hospital (which is apparently not true, despite the hospitals pictured on their website), and 3) the low cost, less than $5000 USD

There were, however, a few red flags: 1) The names of the doctors do not appear on their website, supposedly because it is unethical in Mexico to do so. Yet plenty of Mexican doctors have websites, so this sounded bogus

2) The before-and-after pictures on their website looked almost too good to be true. Plus you don't know which surgeon performed which procedures; some are presumably better at performing BBL's and Lipo than others

3) Their payments are cash only, no credit cards

4) No compression garment included. Almost every surgeon includes this. In fact, the patient wakes up in the recovery room wearing it. How is a patient supposed to know what size faja to buy beforehand since you don't know how much swelling you will have?

5) The included hotel does not have a kitchenette, so no fridge, microwave, or stove. How are patients supposed to prepare and store the healthy foods they need during the first week of recovery?

6) The hotel is not centrally located, so except for the hotel restaurant, no nearby restaurants, mercados, supermarkets, or even street food, which is needed since you can't prepare food in your hotel; and

7) it is extremely rare for doctors to help a patient with personal care such as changing bandages, etc., so I was skeptical of this claim (which according to you two posted, is not true).

Despite these red flags, I was going to book anyway, even though I had several nagging doubts. I should know by now to always listen to my gut instinct. You both saved me a lot of pain, money, and possible disfigurement. Thank you again.

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    • BeanitoDiego

      Constantly amazing myself. This is probably a normal experience for all of us on a WL journey.
      This morning I was at 174 pounds (78.9 kilos). I can perceive that my brain hasn't really caught up to this yet, as I still feel obese, even though I am close to being considered a normal weight, not even overweight. The smaller clothes, the higher fitness level, the great blood work results, the energy- these all tell me a totally different story!
      I have NEVER EVER been, never, not once in my life, nada, zip, zilch, zero times, been "thin." I think this explains some of the disconnect between the reality of my body and the stuckness of my brain. I do have confidence that my mind will catch up soon ❤️
      Not really having the experience of true hunger yet, but I can perceive the peristalsis of my digestive tract. And I am getting very good at spotting head hunger, and simply noticing it, like a Buddhist.
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    • BlSm12

      27 Pounds down!
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    • BeanitoDiego

      I ordered the Barbecue Protein Crisps here from BariatricPal, and find them quite tasty. The Ranch flavour, not so much. They are very filing and have a satisfying crunch.
      I continue to shrink, and am amazed at the changes all over my body. Visually, it is striking to me. In the mirror, I look thin to my eyes, but I don't feel thin, although I can see more bones and veins and tendons and floppy skin. Cardio-wise, It takes a lot more effort to get my heart rate up and I'm now monitoring which heart zone I can get into and for how long. My resting heart rate is the lowest it's ever been.
      If I think about it, and I left myself feel it for a time, I weep (like, boohoo cry) with joy. I am so grateful to myself, and proud of myself for having the courage to have taken the leap to better health.
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    • Yearofme43

      Well round 2 fight, second attempt at this sleeve surgery.  First attempt found out i have situs inversus that was a year ago, so after another long journey i received a new date for December 1, 2023 for the sleeve. Started pre op diet Friday going well just waiting for the big day, for any tips for newbies look at my prior post alot there of what not to do under temptation,  lol 😆 😅 😀 hope everyone has a great outcome
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    • NickelChip

      Feeling a little sad today because a few weeks ago I had a call from the surgeon's office and they had a last minute opening on November 20 because of a cancellation. I am not scheduled until December 27, which is way later than I had expected when I started all this. My "ideal" date in my head had been November 13. I was so ready to jump at the chance, but I just couldn't make it work. As soon as I mentioned it to my mom, instead of being supportive, she had all sorts of reasons why I shouldn't move the date. Some were valid, like my teen daughter has a special (but not super special) thing going on later in the week that I would probably have to miss, and others were less valid, like she didn't feel ready and it might ruin everyone's holidays. Um, excuse me? It's not about her! And how would I single handedly ruin both Thanksgiving AND Christmas for my entire family by having a surgery? But she had informed me when I first got the December date that she planned on getting a hotel near the hospital and staying that night to be nearby, despite the hospital only being about 40 miles away from home. I didn't ask her to do that, but that's her plan, so there you go. She didn't ask me if I felt ready now, or what the wait through the holidays felt like for me with the surgery looming. So that was the part that hurt. I felt like I was having to make sure everyone else was okay with my choices instead of me, which is a theme in my life for sure. Don't get me wrong, my parents have been there for me so many times, and I don't want to sound ungrateful. But this really made me sad that what I wanted simply didn't factor in. Basically, I passed on what felt like a dream come true to get that call, and I've had to reconcile myself to it as best I can. I've found some silver linings, like more time to clean my house and test some recipes. But if I hadn't, I would be on my pre-op diet now (my surgeon only does a short liquid diet beforehand, so a Monday surgery starts the pre-op diet on Saturday morning). Instead, I'm getting ready to make dinner for myself and the kids, and I still have 39 days to go...
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      1. New To This23

        I can relate to the parent's situation. I am 42 and still struggle with pleasing them. Yet they do whatever they want with no concern for how it affects anyone else, so why do I feel so obligated to them? I wish I had some advice that could help. One thing I have tried to do is stop sharing things with them that I really don't want to hear their opinion on. (like the business I am starting)

        Like with this surgery, I knew I was going to need their help getting to the appointments and back from the surgery, so I knew I had to tell them. But I did not tell them until I was almost at the point of getting surgery that I was doing this.

        I got hard judgment from my father, which I expected, I made him promise not to share this with his brothers (who are assholes) I told him whether he likes it or not I am an adult and I deserve respect and privacy especially when it concerns my health. (he begrudgingly agreed)

        My mom on the other hand was supportive, but she has the tendency to add some dramatic flair about everything. her typical M.O. is to pop onto social media and rattle on about how something that is not happening directly to her, is affecting her ( I get it there no talking to the man she married about this stuff, so it's nice to have someone to listen).

        I know they both struggled with trying to respect my wishes, they looked shocked when I told them that if I lived somewhere else, I would not have even told them I was having this surgery.

      2. NickelChip

        I'm glad your father did agree to respect your privacy by not sharing with your family. And I guess I should be glad my mom keeps the dramatic flair off of the socials!

        I'm both lucky and unlucky that my brother had VGS 15 years ago. On the one hand, my mom understands the concept and has seen my brother's good results from it, (we inherited the obesity from my father's side, and Mom has never dealt with more than those pesky 10 lbs average weight people always want to lose). On the other hand, my brother took exactly the opposite approach from me. He didn't live near family and told no one, had no support. He went to Mexico as self-pay and didn't say a word until about 4 weeks after when he was having some serious emotional struggles, living alone, and compounded by the fear of realizing that to get family support, he had to "confess." So his recovery was very different than what I anticipate for me. But because of all that, my mom definitely sees this as a "REALLY BIG DEAL." Which it is, but not the level she's at with it. Like, it's not an open heart surgery being performed in 1982, or experimental cancer treatment. I've also noticed that as my mom ages, she takes change a lot harder. She doesn't have the mental flexibility anymore to make an instant change of plans and roll with it, whereas I do that probably a dozen times a day.

        I'm grateful for their help, but it comes at a price.

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