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Hello everyone,

I am 35 yrs old, 5'2, and weigh 200lbs. My current BMI is 36. I have battled with weight my entire life. After seeing all the success stories and before and afters, I felt the sleeve is the perfect tool for me to finally succeed with my weight loss journey. My surgery is coming up on Sep 1st and I am internally freaking out more and more each day. I am pretty social person and also consider myself a foodie. My weight isn't necessarily from eating junk food, I actually eat very healthy, especially during the week; it's more about not staying consistent when I'm dining out, traveling, or hanging with friends and enjoying myself with food and drinks. My nervousness and second thoughts about the surgery come from that aspect of my life changing dramatically for the rest of my life. Did anyone else have these fears before the surgery? Did anybody else over indulge before pre-op diet with the last meal mentality?? I'm finding it hard to keep in mind why I'm doing it and only focusing on the fear of the changes to my lifestyle

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I also have gained weight and never crave sweets. My thing is food meat and potatoes type food not junk.

I've learned a lot reading through the forums and other bariatric pages.

I eat / ate later at night skipped Breakfast and lunch had a normal dinner at whatever time. If I felt hungry I'd pick at the left-overs. Now I try to have a small breakfast if I can't ill have a shake to replace it. Lunch is now a tuna wrap or chicken. Dinner is at 5pm no later. If I feel I want a snack I have another shake later on like 9 or 10 pm that stops me from wanting any food.

Since I began doing this I've lost 5lbs. It's been a week. Hopefully another 5lbs will be gone this week too. Little steps toward our main goal are important.

There are times when I feel flustered and bogged down by appointments and the length of time between appointments that I want to give up!!

I think it's normal to have ups and downs with it. It is a lengthy process but in the end it will all pay off. I keep reminding myself that if I could just lose and keep it off I wouldn't be having surgery. WLS is a great tool and that's all it is. The rest is up to us and it's a lot of work!!

Keep your head up and focus on the outcome. This journey will be the best journey of your life.

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Yes: today is the first day of my pre-op diet and I've just had my very first Protein Shake ever. After all I've read on here, it was better than I expected! Yes, I had the indulgent "final" meals. Now it's time to follow the plan and change my life. I love to cook and to eat and don't eat fast food or a lot of junk--just too many carbs, too many fats.

One of the things I've realized is that there really won't be anything off-limits for life in terms of the sleeve--but there are things that SHOULD be off-limits for the sake of my health. I'm okay with that: maybe I'll miss bread and mashed potatoes, but are they really worth the diabetes, ,knee pain, high blood pressure, etc.? NO.

Hang in there, Lk664 . . . and keep focusing on how much better your life will be in the future.

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