Thankful yet stalled and scared

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I am in my 3rd month post surgery and 27 down since surgery but stresses are returning.

Thankful for the weight I have lost but longing for more...faster.

Also concerned, I eat mainly Proteins, is there such a thing as too much Protein?

presently 228 goal is 130.

What does your daily menu look like??


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I totally get longing for weight loss to be faster. I'm a slow loser so at 6 months post op I'm down 47 pounds. The first 30 came off the first 6 weeks. As long as the scale is going in the right direction I feel good about it. I haven't gained at all but I have had numerous and lengthy stalls.

I try to get 60-100g of Protein and 25-50 carbs a day. I keep most days at 25 carbs but a couple days I may go over so I gave myself a range. I still drink one Protein Shake a day because I have great restriction and can not eat much.

Sample meal:


One egg
1 piece whole grain toast - I grind my wheat and make my bread to it's pretty clean and really my only major carb for the day.
sometimes a small piece of fruit or berries
coffee (Instead of creamer I use caramel flavored Premier Protein shake)


Love me a tablespoon of Almond Butter right from the jar or Cheesestick wrapped in ham


Salmon salad on a lettuce leaf (I live in Alaska so this is abundant) but canned from the store would work great too.
Grilled chicken breast cut in strips with a bit of ceasar dressing rolled up in a lettuce leaf


Protein shake, handful of almonds, or pork rinds with hummus (gross I know but I love it!!)


I cook for my family and eat a small portion of whatever they are having except I will serve myself by picking around major carbs. So meat, veggie and starch... (Example: Pork Chop, Green Beans and Rice). I'll eat the pork chop and green beans but skip on the rice

Evening snack

If I've gotten all my protein I'll have three tablespoons of ice cream, if not, I'll have a greek yogurt

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Thank you for the inspiration!

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