I think I may have lost control

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So I have been banded for over 3 years now. I did well getting the weight off, with Portion Control, chewing, etc. It was easy with my band as a tool. I maintained my weight loss for over a year and then just started gaining weight. I've had quite a few stuck episodes something I never really had a lot of and I am always too full. It's like I eat and then all of a sudden I feel absolutely horrible because I ate too much or the wrong thing. Where or how do I start over. I haven't gained all the weight back but I know I have 15 lbs that has to go! I'm devastated and way too full.

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Well, first of all calm down. Secondly, why don't you start from the beginning? Just think that you had the band today and start over. Also a good thought could be to visit your doctor for a tiny refill. 0,3-0,5.

I had this feeling some months ago and I visited my doctor and started over.

Its not a bag think. As long as you have the band, you are safe. The band does all the hard work for you.

Take care

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