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I dunno whether to laugh or laugh harder. Serious personality disorders if one changes every 10 pounds.

It has nothing to do with personality disorders and everything to do with what each 10 pounds lost brings to your life. With me, the first 10 pounds was before surgery. It was a great loss, but not much changing. Now, post surgery, every 10 pounds I have lost has brought new changes, new challenges to overcome, a new person every 10 pounds basically. The first 10 was a denial within myself that despite the weight loss that anything was really changing with my body. The second 10 was a realization that I can't wear most of my wardrobe because it's all too big. Along with that realization came the realization that I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in 20 years.

Is 90% of the changes psychological? Yes! Did they constitute mental disorders? Do a lot of us have mental issues? Yes! But the changes that come with the rapid weight loss are NOT serious personality disorders!!! I can't believe one would even correlate a personality disorder with the changes that we all undergo as a result of our respective surgeries!

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Hoping052017, Thank you! I am the original presenter of the line of thought that with changes in the body come changes in our personality because of changes in our mental attitude. I was perplexed that someone would associate my statement with personality disorders. I chalked it up to cognitive dissonance.

Thank you for responding. You understood and reiterated my sentiments.

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7 hours ago, russdroppings said:

The intent of the post was about relationships, actually dating...the act of investigating through time and conversation to ascertain if someone was worth engaging in a relationship.

My reply which you quoted was merely in response to another member who admitted that hormones were elevated and for her, maybe that time to have just something physical was what she wanted. I was merely inquiring as to when this burst of feelings was supposed to occur because in other men's forums I am hearing the same thing, that they feel like a teenager again, and I am experiencing nothing. The additional statement of where I live based on what I posted is also a large factor in making me wait to meet someone out of caution for my health and ensuring the right conditions are met that special someone.

Finding a d!ckpoke is not really what I am searching for so I do hope you will consider taking time to ask questions and get to know me before making an assumptive snap judgement on what I have written. Maybe I read into it too personally, maybe not, whichever the case, learn about me before forming an opinion.

I was not making a judgment call about you. I was responding to someone whose post seems to have been removed.

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On 6/15/2017 at 6:17 AM, Rivka7NV said:

If you are still losing weight, then you are still changing and with your body changes come mind changes. You are not going to be the person 20, 30, 40, or even 50 pounds into the future that you are now. Therein lies the rub.

The person you will be dating will be falling in love with you, or at least, attracted to you initially as you are now. If you are looking for that permanent committed love, then you are doing both of you a disservice. With weight loss comes changes in clothing styles and activities. You will probably be less sedentary but what will happen if you are dating a couch potato? You will definitely be growing apart.

Also you are asking someone who does not know you at all to put up with weird eating habits. Maybe this person knows about the WLS journey and that it is not an easy way out or not. We all judge based on our knowledge and some people like learning new things and some don't. They may think passing food under your nose is funny while you find it nauseating.

Save yourself some heartache and wait until you have hit goal so you can present to them the person you want to be no the one you are now. True, your eating habits will have changed little but at least you will have reached the meadow.

Good Advice

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