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Does anyone know how long it takes to stretch your pouch? I had my surgery 4/28/17 and got my first fill 5/25/17. I've not had any problems with any kind of food. I almost feel like I'm "normal" (before Band) but I'm getting a little worried that I could possibly stretch it out. I know I will need another fill, which I have another appointment the beginning of July. I just need to know how long it could take to stretch it.

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I know what you mean. Your pouch doesn't hold much in the beginning so you will feel like you can eat the same amount. I had my procedure on 4/18/17 and I'm still working on getting the right fill. I have had two fills and still feel like the amount of food has not decreased. It will happen but it takes time. Be careful when eating and chew, chew, chew. I had to have Fluid removed yesterday because food got stuck two days ago and it streched above my band. Super excited for you. Stay positive, it will work eventually. I'm here if you need to chat about the band, we can do this together.

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    • Thejeweledsleeve

      Sorry I am sooo late. I will make it short and quick.
      6/15 - Keto nothing out of the ordinary. 
      6/16 - Gym and healthy eating. 
      6/17 - I had a small I mean baby spoon of Red Velvet cake for my b-day and I was out for the count. I had to use the bathroom a lot. My mom said, "uh hmmm. was it worth it?". I whispered, " Yes" lol. Just an overall bad day. I broke the diet and ate carbs and sugar. Shame Shame !!!! Lol I am only Human.
      6/18 - The cake was still messing with me so I barely ate or even drank water. I was exhausted all day. Weighed in at 209.8 lbs.
      1-Month Post Op Overall Loss: 14.6
      2-Month Post Op Overall Loss: 8.8 lbs
      3-Month Post Op overall loss: 10.8 lbs
      6/19 - Barely ate or drank water again. I just slept most of the day away. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom. 
      6/20 - Still followed the Keto Diet.
      6/21 - Still followed the Keto Diet. Still time, adding breakfast foods to the option instead of a shake or protein shot. 
      6/22 - Breakfast: Baked Turkey Bacon (3 Slices), 1 Egg white. 1 Romaine Lettuce leaf. 
      Snack: 14 Olives
      Lunch: 2 oz of ground chicken, mild salsa, 1 tsp of sour cream, and 1 romaine lettuce leaf.
      Snack: Sugar Free Popsicle. 
      Dinner: 2 oz of ground chicken, mild salsa, 1 tsp of sour cream, and 1 romaine lettuce leaf.
      Snack: 1 pickle
      6/23 - Breakfast: 3 Egg Whites
      Lunch: Homemade Chicken Salad - no dressing. 
      Dinner: Pickles and Sugar Free Popsicle. 
      6/24 - Went to a friends baby shower. They actually had healthier food options. Met a few of her extended family whom had Bariatric Surgery. One woman (weighing 392 lbs) had the bypass 17 years ago. She said back then there was not a pysch eval, waiting period or even a pre-authorization. She said she went to the doctor Monday and that Thursday she had the surgery. She showed me all the scars from access skin removal. She told me that nothing prepares you for the disappointment you will feel when you work hard and you do not look the way you thought. She had to have a full body lift and breast augmentation. It was soo enlightened to speak with someone whom was from that time and had the experience. She told me that sugar kills her but rice and bread is her fave. She stated that she got down to 125 lbs and felt soo unattractive. She stated that she gained her weight back up to 185 lbs and have maintained that weight for over 10 years. 
      6/25 - Had my Keto Meal. 
      Breakfast: Baked Turkey Bacon (3 Slices), 1 Boiled Egg white. 
      Snack: 14 Olives
      Lunch: 2 oz of chicken, 1 tsp of sour cream, and 2 romaine lettuce leaf.
      Snack: Sugar Free Popsicle. 
      Dinner: 2 oz of Chicken and Romaine Lettuce with 1/2 tomato. 
      Snack: 1 pickle
      My best friend is trying to get me to try Isagenix ( She has lost 55 lbs since February on it. It is like $378 a month. I am like the hell!! Bro whom has that money. She is really excited and she wants to me to try it so bad. I am tempted. Keto has been awesome but I am bored now and want to try something else. I think I am a Fad Diet Groupie. 
      Oh and the Hydrate. On the days when I focus on water. I am barely eating. I love those days. Food does not be on my mind. Below I have screen shot my progress. So yayy. Keto has really helped me get back on track. 

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      1. Newme17

        Happy belated birthday!!!! 🎉🎈🎁 too bad the bite of cake didn't sit well either. It was interesting reading about the process of the bypass 17 years ago. I think today's way is better, but man, that would be awesome too, not having to do all the hoops then.

        I think you should tell your friend NO to the diet. First, it's a fad. Second, it's way expensive! Stick to your sleeve hon. You've got a lot to work with right now anyway. But you really do need to find what you will stick to that is healthy for you and not be bored with for the rest of your life. It can take some just has to be sustainable for you.

        I have been slacking with the Hydrate. Picking it back up tomorrow. Do you put ice in yours?

    • pfisher

      What an emotional roller coaster these past few days have been! Lost my job Friday and have been battling to maintain some sense of a normal routine. I haven't kept up my walking routine and have been nibbling food since yesterday. Thankful for the support of my husband who is reminding me that this is the opportunity I've needed to find the job I'm passionate about. Haven't discussed this with the kids at this point and my daughter is already planning "an extra long walk" for tomorrow for the both of us.
      Prayers, positive vibes, and kind thoughts/suggestions welcome as I navigate the job market at my age!
      Back on track tomorrow!!!
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    • Mickel

      Just now have released my newest video on Youtube called VSG 101 - History, Evolution, & Cost.  Hope you let me know if you like it or not!
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    • Jeffrey Stern

      So a while back I was asking about eating nuts for snack and got a good response . Then I came upon an article (now anything I read on line I take with a grain of salt) that does say eating certain nuts is good for the waist line. eg. Almonds,cashews and walnuts. This article also lists other foods that will help in that field such as tomatoes,oatmeal,meat/fish,eggs,olive oil,broccoli,avocado,berries,hot peppers, spinach and lastly green tea. I can honestly say I eat all these items and are mainly my daily diet...but the hot peppers. I would direct you to the site but can't find it. sorry
      any feed back ??
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      1. Newme17

        Did you know a jalapeño has more vitamin c than 18 oranges??? A bunch of the older generation of a certain culture here eat jalapeños with their food, on the side! I love them too, but sometimes they can be bad for those who have acid reflux too/heartburn. Overall, they can be good for you.

        Those are all great foods to incorporate in a healthy diet. Berries for the antioxidants. Oatmeal for fiber. Olive oil and avocado for fats. Spinach and broccoli for iron and fiber. I've got to get in the habit of green tea though.....

    • laeashanicole  »  Ellemarie0708

      Hello, I was reviewing the thread and see that we have the same surgery date. Hopefully, we can keep in touch! Good Luck!
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