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Start at a lower dose than you normally would. Like alcohol you will absorb more if you are bypass. I made that mistake and got super sick and fainted. Mortifying!!!

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i've made my own canna-butter with coconut oil and used it in my purees and broths post-op 3 weeks. started with a half teaspoon for a day, then 1 whole, and 1,5 teaspoon the day after. didn't have any dumping issues.

after four weeks i started to do firecrackers which is the regular way i consume edibles, didn't make a difference.

you worried about munchies? well try not to get too stoned just in case.

i discovered that soft cheese, pop-corns (beware of seeds, spit them out if any) and peanuts are very good for soft munchies. and DO NOT forget to drink lots of water, you already know that munchies is mostly thirst!

i take a portion of firecracker 1hr before i go for a walk, high walking in the city with a bottle of Water is the best :) you got 15000 steps out of nowhere.

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