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Best Gastric Sleeve Book.

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I'm about 2.5 years out of surgery. But, I still sometimes feel totally clueless about this Sleeve I got. I

Looked at pictures from a year or so ago yesterday,

I'm still the same size, believe me, 163 is better than 260. But, I can't seem to get a grip. I've posted on here my issues, bad moments and sometimes good moments. But, I still feel like I failed because my mind has a hold of me ALL THE TIME.

I spoke to my therapist ( I've been with her for 5 years) I want to know what's my reasoning for emotional eating, causes ya know? So far, nothing really.

I hear the Big Book on Gastric sleeve is a good one

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The Beck Diet Solution book helped me with emotional eating. It doesn't have one scrap of information on dieting, which is nice because at this point, we know what to eat, we just aren't doing it. Instead it focuses on changing behaviors. I still use skills from this book and it's really helped me eliminate some bad habits. And finally, 2 1/2 years from surgery and I'm 2 pounds from goal.

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The Beck Diet Solution was a huge help to me as well. I got the book from the library so no cost. I took the cognitive tools I needed and with practice, practice you will gain so much will power. I tell myself "hunger is not an emergency, and in xx amount of time I will enjoy my planned snack or meal." Highly recommend this book.

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      Surgeons office just called they submitting for approval today  now i am freaking out!!!
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    • BrittneyH

      I saw my surgeon and got cleared for surgery and saw my nutritionist and got my post op food list! I am so excited! Plus I am down 20 lbs! I will have a surgery date soon!
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    • bookworm1983

      Had my gastric sleeve surgury on 12/28. I have lost about 15 pounds since surgery but have hit a stall. It is soooo frustrating! Any advice is greatly appreciated
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      1. MowryRocks

        Just be patient. It sounds like a pat answer, but it is literally the only thing you can do to crush the dreaded 3 week stall!

      2. MissSimpson

        We have the same surgery day and the same problem. I’ve lost about 20, then stopped. I’m hardly eating anything, logging everything, getting my water and proteins. I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s so frustrating.

      3. Creekimp13

        Nothing is wrong. Be patient. Eat well. Exercise. Don't panic:)

      4. Holls06

        I'm in the same boat, i was sleeved 12/29 and lost 15 lbs since surgery, and the scale hasn't moved for me in 3 or 4 days. Its frustrating.

    • Little Green

      I'm doing so well on the new plant-based way of eating! It's been 1 month since my final diet visit, where I found out I had gained about four pounds since my previous visit in November. That meant I had only lost 3 pounds overall from March-December 2017. Ugh, sad trombone. However, in the last 3 weeks of eating a plant-based diet I've lost 13 pounds from my December visit weight! And that includes Christmas and a vacation! So definitely not a "perfect" month by any means. I'm really hoping this way of eating will support my goal of reaching and maintaining 100% of excess weight lost. 
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      1. karen_marie

        Hey whatever works! I've had a few friends go plant-based and drop a lot of weight naturally.

      2. Little Green

        Thanks for the support! That's awesome to hear.

    • tiffs.losing.it

      I had my consult last Friday and do not have my first "series" of appointments until 2/2. 
      I'd love to have some direction until that date regarding an eating plan ect. 
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      1. hollynw

        Were you given any paperwork at the consult that showed what your diet plan would be like after surgery?

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