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Hello. My name is John. I had Gastric Sleeve surgery on January 9th in Abington Hospital in Pennsylvania. I have lost 52 pounds so far and have bottomed out. I am now on the final stage of unrestricted foods. My doctor told me to start getting off the Protein Shakes. As I have seen online, the surgery changes your taste buds. Nobody ever told about that before the surgery. I love seafood and now I cannot eat it. I also have no desire to eat other foods like chicken, vegetables, pizza, and just about everything I try to eat. Nothing tastes good to me. NOTHING. Some people say that will go away and then some people say it will never go away. I am very concerned because I have gone back to the Premire Protein shakes with 30 grams of protein. My doctor and Nut will not be happy with this. I guess I should call them and tell them what is going on. I also have had a cold since I came out of surgery. It will not go away. Also my hemoglobin has been low since July of 2016. Blood work was just taken at the oncologist on Friday and I am awaiting the results. He tells me that the cold and the low hemoglobin have nothing to do with the surgery. I am very weak, and so tired all the time. I am not able to do the required exercise (walking on treadmill). I'm sure my doctor will not be happy about that either.

Has anyone had any of these problems and di they go away. I was told that as far as the taste goes, that I should suck on sugar free mints all day and that will change my taste buds. So far it has done nothing but give me nice fresh breath . Lol

Thank you


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