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Down to 114lbs. Doctor now recommends RNY!

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RnY is a traditional gastric bypass, named for a French Doctor with the last name of Roux, pronounced Roo, n is an abbreviation for en which is French for "and" and the Y for the,2 pieces of jejunem, the second intestine portion used, really looks like a Y if you opened someone up, please don't make it me, got enough problems with my Stricture. MGB. is mini gastric bypass, another tool in the Bariatric Surgeon's arsenal. D9ne more overseas than in USA and Canada. Has its fans, has its detractors. Another one is the Omega Loop, understand they do a lot of them in Australia.
Then you have what I think of as the Sleeve Sisters
VSG vertical sleeve gastrectomy- very popular these days. You give up 3/4 of your stomach forever, you're left with a tube that is bana-shaped and the diameter of a garden hose.
ESG endoscopic sleeve gastroplexy - your stomach gets folded up and sutured into a smaller size, there is no external incision, all done through an endoscopic tuve, so shorter recovery, sounds like science fiction but it works, often done,on. lower BMI people.
Anything else I can help with abbreviation- wise? If not NBD no big deal, Frustr8 Out!

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