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7 weeks post opp and still cant eat any solids

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7 weeks out from Duodenal switch (surgery feb 23rd 2016) and very frustrated, I cant eat anything hardly at all. All I do is drink Protein shakes (2-30g Protein each a day) and liquids i can't do more the dairy starts reeking havoc on me then (Water, juice, soup). i get about 60+ oz of liquids a day but i cant eat almost anything solid still. Some (crackers with cheese spread, Peanut Butter crackers sometimes, scrambled eggs only sometimes, yogurt and that's about it. I try thin lunch meat one day it's ok with some minor discomfort next day i try it I throw up, one day some fish my stomach goes crazy numbly and gas but stays down the next day i try it I throw up. same with eggs, ground beef, shredded chicken etc.

I was just tested last week Wednesday for a stomach leak and they found nothing it came back normal i'm so confused. I read about so many others eating fine and way earlier than me and I try to eat and when I do my stomach goes crazy and I get cramping, its not worth trying anymore. I chew everything like crazy i am very careful and its not helping, I am at my so frustrated and don't even want to try because I don't want to do damage my stomach by trying and throwing up if it does not agree with me.

I meet with my doctor again tomorrow but conversations over the phone they did not seemed concerned. I am very concerned because I read posts here and many are eating almost everything at this stage and I can't even handle the basics like scrambled eggs.

I am worried because I started at 356 the with my mandated monitored diet from insurance I dropped to 324 the day of my surgery and i'm already down to 271 (53 lbs) in only 50 days and worried i'm losing weight too fast and once i start to eat i will stop losing. I am really regretting my decision, has anyone experienced something similar?

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I have not experienced what you're going through at this time as I am only 9 days post-op. However I'm having difficulty with consuming running Beans . I'm good with the Protein shakes and the Water sometimes but when I tried to make the Beans experience of fullness for three and a half hours which left me unable to eat anything else for the remainder of the evening. I have to get in at least 40 more grams of Protein before I go to bed. I know it's not going to happen.

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The most important requirements after surgery is meeting your daily Protein, Fluid and Vitamin requirements. food is secondary, because your body is converting stored fat into the energy that drives your body. Thus you lose weight.

There are several different types of surgery (RNY gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, lap band, and duodenal switch to name a few). The type of surgery will also dictate when you are able to consume solid foods. So don't be too concerned that you have not yet reached the solid stage. I had RNY surgery and I found that softer foods such as chili and Soups went down much easier than hard foods such as steak. They became my mainstay. I have included a few recipes for high Protein chili and Soups at the end of a short article about my surgery. Here is a link. http://www.breadandbutterscience.com/Surgery.pdf

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By 7 weeks I would think you'd be eating more. You say you're vomiting after eating and they tested for a leak. What about a stricture? Have they looked for that?

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