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Anyone gone through menopause AFTER the surgery?

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Thanks for that information. I'm hoping I miss the insomnia because one thing I couldn't live without is constant coffee throughout the day and night. Menopause is something I Guess I will bring up at my 3 year appointment with my surgeon. What I can expect and what I can do to minimise any weight gain. Better to be prepared I think. That's one think I can add to my list of things I am great full to the sleeve for I am now so Organised and always planning ahead. So different from my previous lifestyle.

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Thank you so much for sharing your strategies. I've employed much of the same strategies, unfortunately with a lot more medication. I just hope that when I'm post instead of peri, I can sleep better!

How did you manage the insomnia, and how long did it take before you could sleep well again? This symptom is driving me crazy! Thank you!

I didn't manage the insomnia very well. I honestly think the insomnia contributed to my continuing weight gain through my 50s and 60s. There's all kinds of research that links insomnia and weight gain.

Here's what I'm doing these days that's helping a lot:

* Post-WLS I'm drinking less coffee than I did before -- no more than a cup a day. That is helping.

* I'm exercising a lot more than I did 100 pounds ago -- and that physically "wears me out" and lets me rest better at night.

* About 50% of the nights I take either a Melatonin or half an Ambien. It helps. Sometimes.

* Since WLS I go to bed when my husband goes to bed, in other words -- at the same time every night. Following that sleep schedule rule really does help.

* I manage my reflux a lot better since WLS -- meaning that I actually take my H2 blocker antacid (Ranitadine) every day and on time.

* Since losing 100 pounds, I don't have stress incontinence and don't have to get up during the night to pee anymore. Not a single time.

* Finally, I'm just a lot less stressed at 100 pounds less than I used to weigh than I used to be. I fall asleep easier and generally sleep better throughout the night.

However, one thing I have NOT conquered that still messes with my sleep is to deal with the damned cat who always wants out when I'm sleeping soundly; I then have trouble getting back to sleep. I think the cat and I are going to have a serious discussion. I think he's going to have to spend the whole night outside from now on.

Thanks for making me focus on this a little better. The cat won't appreciate it, but I do. ;)

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So I am replying to this very ate. I had rny gastric bypass on 4/2004. I lost too much weight within the first year causing low blood sugar and was advised to gain some which I did. I stayed around the 200 lbs I had lost literally struggling to keep weight on! Around 2017 I entered perimenopause and menopause as of 2018. I also broke my ankle around the same time. I gained weight rather quickly regardless of what I did. I am now post menopausal and have gained 90 pounds. I am trying to stop the weight growth.

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        Hope you’re doing well!

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        I hope it goes well! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

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        How are you doing? any update?!

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