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Omega loop gastric bypass Australia

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Hi , all going really well thanks, back to work next Monday, kinda looking forward to it, I'm over this boredom lol. How are you doing?

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Hi , all going really well thanks, back to work next Monday, kinda looking forward to it, I'm over this boredom lol. How are you doing?

hi Paul, so glad to hear you are doing well. Dr Dolan is such a great man. Iam doing just great. Have had 1 overeating experience which is soon painful and one incident were I didn't wait long enough to drink after eating and vomited my life away!

Its been 12 wks now and iam down 19kg. Weigh 81kg now. Over half way mark in only 3 months! Only have 16kg to go! I am doing full on gym work about 4 days per week and feel really fit now. I run 3km straight on the treadmill which is a first for me, so proud. Doing weights and about 110 sit ups. Just started weights and sit ups in last 3 wks as I wanted to get used to walking etc first. I always hated exercise so trying to change my mind set. Anyway, I signed up for my 1st challenge. The city to surf 12km-walkrun walk on 31 Aug,! Also off to brisbane on 9 August and signed up for the storey bridge climb on 13 Aug! Can't believe iam doing the things at a weight

were iam able to! So happy and will never look back...

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You have done so well, your results are absolutely incredible, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be full of pride, I'm proud of you and I don't ever know you haha. My partner keep asking me to sign up for the city to surf this year, I'm not a runner but might just do the walk instead. I'm signed up for tough mudder at the end of the year so hopefully once I start to exercise again next week I can start working towards it. I saw Dr Dolan on Thursday and he was so chuffed with my results! he was joking saying lets just reverse it! I don't think you need it lol. So far 3 1/2 weeks since surgery and 13kgs down. Currently 115kgs and my goal is 90kgs although he thinks I will be too skinny at the weight coz I'm 6ft 4" but so far all good, still haven't felt full, no dumping and no nausea, so that must be good right. Although right I've still got a week to go on purée stage and I'm fresh out of ideas, it's killing me

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Hi, just wanted to ask, what is your serving size now? Are you still on a 1/4 cup or has Jess told you to eat more also how May meals a day are you having?


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hi Paul

I eat of an entrée size plate now for every meal. Dietician only had me on quarter cup until after I got used to normal solids food, so just go with what you body needs and stop. It had been hard as I didn't get the full feeling but with this surgery the full feeling means being sick and I did that by pushing it too much and having 2 big pieces of silverside. Should have stopped at 1. It hurt like he'll and then vomited it up. I start my day with 1 high Protein

weetbix and quarter cup of kelloggs high Fibre all bran toppers, or will have porridge and they come in potion sachets. I have tea once I get work,

then a banana. lunch is anything from ricecakes with ham and Tomato, or

rivitas with tuna, baked Beans on ricecakes. I have some low fat cheese

singles x 2 with some turkey or ham as an afternoon snack and then either

an apple on way home or Protein shake or bar if working out. dinner is basa

fish with veggies or salad, tuna patties, pork, small piece of meat or I will

make a turkey meatloaf and have the slices for lunch or dinner. I use vegeta, which is like steak seasoning and I put this on everything! Beats fatty marinades.. I have lots of kiwi and oranges as Snacks sometimes cut them

up at eat as last meal for night.

Hubby is so proud of me. He sees a new me emerging and is so nice to hear him compliment me more now. Iam not a runner either but at the gym my

body just wants to go now! I am used to walking and a bit of jogging sheds

the weight. I don't run, just jog . I brought a fitbit which tracks your steps and I aim for 10 thousand per day. My sister got me a heart rate monitor which I wear at the gym and use the watch to keep track of my heart rate so I know when I am burning fat. I get up to 700 calories per workout some days which is sometimes more than I eat in a day! There are me and some

work mates doing the city to surf, and it's just going to be the 12km walk.

They don't want to run. I just want to know I can actually walk that far!

13kg is a great effort Paul so far just be ready for it to slow down when you

are on solids. I plateaued a few times and stay the same weight for 2wks

some times but don't worry it will move again. Happens about week 5 so be prepared!

I look at food labels and stay under 10g fat, carbs and sugar with everything.

I do have diet yoghurt in between meals too it does have a lot of sugar in it

so just be careful...

my email is mcguireleanne@hotmail.com email there if you want from now on. So chuffed for both of us many receiving support from our partners.

Your wife will love ya to death for this change and stay positive when you

have a bad day...I will normally go for a walk on bad days. Sometimes when

I take a few days off from exercise the scales move which is funny.

Cant work that out! I should have done measurements coz you will plateau

but the waist line changes so don't beat yourself up! Iam only 5ft 4 so Dr

Dolan is hoping for 68kg, I wish for 65 so see what happens.

I am 80.8 today and wrapped. I take liquid dulcolax quite a bit as I get

constipated a lot which sux even though I try to have a whole approach to

the 5 food groups each day it still happens! Iam down from size 22 to 16

and even some things are getting loose in 16. In think I may have to have

Tummy Tuck and Dr Dolan said he can do this but iam going to wait and see

how bad the skin is once iam at goal. The trauma scares me and so does 7

nights in hospital. Those 5 for the bypass drove me nuts and to have 2

drains on each side for tummy tuck...no thanks but at the end of the day, if

it separates me from 2 sizes I am gonna get it done! We are renewing our

wedding vows for our 10th anniversary March next year so I hope to have a

gorgeous dress this time instead of a tent! Its my 40th in May next yr too

and I always swore I would be trim and terrific by my 40th and looks like I

just may achieve this!

Anyway, I am home sick with the flu today. I was scared of getting it but

some people on the bus are pigs and don't cover their mouth so I was

bound to get it. Poor hubby feels bad. I keep

an eye on the receipies section and find i google stuff to cook. If you want

to start emailing I can then email some receipies ideas that I use.

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I'm 2 months post op today. To date iv'e lost 19.7kgs. Have had no pain, no nausea, no reflux whatsoever since the very beginning. Iv'e had dumping a couple of times just from eating too fast. I don't calories or grams, I just make sure I eat 3 high Protein meals and 2 Snacks in between. No problem with Fluid intake, probably drink a little too much if anything.

Where are you having your surgery done?

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16 wks post op now have lost 23kg, everything is going well. No problem at all. Loads of exercise and eating well is my new life and I would never look back. Down from size 22 to 16 and almost out of 16 too...drank latte with full cream milk was very ill from that loads of diarrhea shakes etc, ate and drank at same time and vomited everything up, so 2 mistakes so far but all is fabulous otherwise!

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Hi all... So glad to hear your stories! I'm booked in for an Omega loop in October.

I posted this in another thread too, but my story is;

I had a band in 2007, lots of reflux and developed terrible eating habits. Went from 118.5kgs to 83... Lots of deflations and inflations to try and manage the terrible reflux. Then got pregnant and deflated the band again....Back up to 102 by the baby's birth. Then had the band removed in dec 2012, after I found out it had slipped. Waited 6 month and revised to a sleeve in may 2013... and went from 107 to 93 within the first 2 months and since then.... well, nothing. Up and down on the same 2 kilos my surgeon said my stomach was so damaged by the band that he just couldn't make my sleeve small enough. I can eat normal sized meals... The only positive is that I don't have any reflux!

I'm a bit worried about failing.... Considering I am a band to sleeve and now soon to be Omega loop :(

Please keep us posted with your progress! No one I talk to knows anything about the OL, so it's great to find these threads! :))

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Posted (edited)

Hi I hope to have the Omega loop soon seeing a doctor next week , still doing research. My daughter has had this procedure last year, we both have had gastric band previously years ago. Wanted to get more insight so joined this forum. PS NSW

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On 4/20/2014 at 10:17 PM, thesupportedhalf said:

I there I am booked in for an Omega loop gastric bypass revised from a stretched sleeve in Australia on the 29th May, is there anyone else here from Oz that's had the same op?

Hello I had the standard RNY BYPASS in Adelaide in October it was pretty easy.. what exactly is Omega loop?

Here in SA I only had to pay $4100 gap that covered everything and was in private room private hospital for a full 7 days loved being waited on 24/7 😁

I'm nearly 8 months post op but started my diet early and I've lost 70KGS 😛

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