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1 year surgiversary and unplanned pregnancy

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So i found out i am pregnant!

One year post-op today. What a day!

Totally freaking it. This was unplanned. My partner and I just bought a house and was planning in getting married next year.

Now with the possible baby it upsets all our plans - how we wanted it to be when we are ready for children. Only in about 2/3 years.

So i am contemplating an abortion. But that is such a ghastly thought!

But we cant afford a baby now!

I dont know what to do!!!

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It's a personal choice so I'm not telling you what you should do. I will say everyone I know personally who had an unplanned baby started with feelings of dismay but ended up (over time) seeing it as a blessing. And there is almost never a perfect time to have a baby. There's always bills, or something you'd like to do first. Even a planned pregnancy can turn out unexpected. We planned our first pregnancy and it turned out to be twins! So much for having 'a' baby! It resulted in me leaving my job early due to the high risk aspect of it and later not returning to my job because the childcare for two infants was cost prohibitive. Four years later we finally made the decision to not have anymore. We had a yard sale and sold all the baby stuff, including both cribs. The VERY NEXT DAY - really! - I vomited my Breakfast. Yup! I was pregnant! And I had no baby things! I ended up being a stay-at-home-mom for 18 years. That was never my plan! :-)

So don't make your decision in haste. Think on it a little while. Take a little time to consider all your options. Who knows? You may come to like the idea. But if you don't, at least you thought it out...

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I think the reality of pregnancy makes everything else going on seem that much more intense and overwhelming. It's like, "I'm pregnant, now I can't do ANYTHING! AAAAAH!"

I'm 8 months post op and 6 weeks pregnant, with big life changes happening now as well. I hope for the best for you and your family! Take care of you.

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