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2006 Christmas pics


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Every year we invite several friends over for a "Christmas Tree Trimming Party". The only admission cost is to bring one ornament. Then we start decorating our tree. Loads of fun. Singing carols while we decorate and it is just a blast.

Here is our tree this year and what it looked prior to the finished product. I am including some pics of our food items too. They are so NOT band friendly but hey I don't have a band anymore so there. LOL!!

Here is the PRE-DECORATING pics.


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This is our 12 foot tree completely decorated. OHH AHHH!!!


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Hey Penni, it's beautiful. How many lights do you have on that sucker? Looks like about a thousand. I'll bet you all had a load of fun. That's quite a good idea, a decorating party.

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I guess you need hot rum toddies and stuff like that to get a good result.

I quit counting strings of lights after 9. And yes HOT RUM TODDIES does help with the decorating eye.

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      I would like to know how many calories I should be eating a day to stay healthy, thank you for your time
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        Hello Joset, why haven't you been given a diet plan? Did you have your surgery in the UK? Every surgeon has a different diet, and no two people are on the same one. Weird I know. Contact your team if you can

        Mine was two weeks clear liquids

        Two weeks on soups, milk shakes and broths all with out lumps

        two weeks on pureed foods { I couldn't stomach this step }

        two weeks on soft foods like Protein yogurt, stewed mince and veg, soft scrambled eggs. Pate on hard crackers

        Then onto any food I fancied. If you struggle on any step or with any foods go back a step for a few days. Eggs, salmon and chicken are hard for beginners.

        Sorry I missed your original post, hope you are still on here.

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