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Before and After Pics

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On 3/16/2020 at 7:28 PM, Isabelmonster said:

Super scared to post the pictures but change is good right

First black shirt was me at my highest Weight 256

second is a month after surgery and four months after

04DA7B8E-827C-4372-88FC-16E181ACECBA.thumb.jpeg.f437468220c41845105ff7417f8c19bb.jpeg 290F467E-A2C5-4A0D-B111-F7E7F87FF7CA.thumb.jpeg.945608b4e5e26530a0680cea40182779.jpeg

dont be scared here we are all in this together you look amazing keep up the great work and effort cheers

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On 3/18/2020 at 9:34 PM, MaddieSpahr said:

First time posting here!
Gastric bypass was June 26, 2017

I’m 5’5

Left picture - 338 pounds

Right picture - 158 pounds


doing great keep up the good work looking amazing cheers !!!!

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On 3/6/2020 at 8:41 AM, beky_g said:

HW: 277
SW: 252
CW: 195
GW: 175
RNY on 10-21-19IMG_20200212_213803_314.jpeg

damn doing great keep up the good work you are inspiration good job!

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On 3/23/2020 at 9:42 PM, Roserie said:

I think the biggest thing I've gained in all this is that I don't HAVE to live in large t-shirts and oversized hoodies alllll the time. I can actually buy more feminine clothes and actually feel good about myself. Granted the black shirt is loose fitting it's also a size L. The grey shirt is an XXL and the light blue hoodie is an XL. The jeans in the newest picture is also 2 sizes down from the 2018 picture and 4 sizes down from the oldest picture.

Collage 2020-03-23 22_39_06.jpg

you have achieved the success you have worked for keep up the hard work great job!!!!

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    • Seige  »  Pj23

      I was in A-Fib several times the week after my surgery. I had been on a beta blocker prior to surgery, but went off it, substituting another BP med, so I could take the stress test. I thought I was dying. Went back on the beta blocker, and the new drug as well. Pulse went back to my normal, under 50. But my BP is still high. Surgery was 3/8. Have a cardiologist appointment 4/8. My surgeon has been of no use. He just says it will go down, when you  lose your  weight.  He didn’t even examine my incisions. Did his job, not interested now.
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    • It's time.  »  healthyamy20

      We are right there with you.  A lot of time and work waiting for this and  boom.... but no end in sight and the uncertainty is sooo hard.  But,  I do remind myself that people are dying and being in a hospital isn't a safe place to be and I rather be fat and alive than thin and dead. 
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    • MsMocie

      I wish there was any obvious, easy soloution to the whole bony butt situation!
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      1. Machalo

        So I was in the WalMart the other day waiting in line for my prescription refills and on the shelves are the different braces and canes and aids of all kinds. One of them was a "Coxys Cushion"! I was floored. Since when did they start making those? While I still have a ton and a half of weight to lose before I'll need one of those, I was happy to see it since I've read the threads about bony butt syndrome on here. ((HUGS))

      2. MsMocie

        I have one of those donuts, very uncomfortable :P I ordered a pair of padde thights to see if it helps with it. My body is like, I like to loose fat on the ass and the tighs first. So I have this butt with all bone, and that squiiishy stomach with all the rest of the fat on it😂 and I never had an issue with my ass, I actually quite liked it beeing a little junky in the trunky!

      3. biginjapan

        This is not something I have to worry about - as a pear-shaped gal I have a lot of padding! That said, with age and now weight loss it's not as..firm as it once was and I am afraid of how much will be left back there once all is said and done!

    • AshMarie794

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    • Angelove22

      4 more days!
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