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Poll: would you do it over again?

How do you feel overall about being banded:  

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  1. 1. How do you feel overall about being banded:

    • I am overall pleased with my band and happy with my decision. I would do it all over again.
    • I am not overall pleased, but I'd still get banded if I had to do it over again.
    • I am not pleased with my band, I would not get banded if I had it to do over.
    • I have been unbanded, or I plan to be unbanded soon b/c it's that bad.

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Guest CathySunshine

New to the forum, 4 mons post op. now losing well after 3rd fill. would do it over and over and over again. I could never lose. I've lost almost 40 including the pre-op weight loss. Down 2 sizes.

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wow, what an eye opener. I depated the Mexico trip, and was lucky enough to have a surgeon 1.5 hours away for surgery, and he lives in my small town and practices 2 days per week in town. I can call in am and go in that afternoon. Not to mention the times I see him in town. I guess there are benifits to small towns. I will be calling him tomarrow for him to take a look for erosion.

Thanks all for the advice and alittle scare makes me live the bandster rules and stop cheating. THANKS

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If I had to do it again.........probably not. I haven't had any major complications but, have found it not to be successful for me because I am a sweet eater and band doesn't help candy eaters IMO

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Would anyone like to know why US docs don't want to take other Dr.s patients (MX or otherwise)? It is called medical liability and the insurance for it eats up to 40% of any US Dr's income. In our very litigous society, when people sue at the drop of a hat for anything and everything, those docs are protecting themselves. They aren't being mean, and they like to make money as much as the next person, but they have weighed the costs vs the benefits and decided not to do it. If you really want a doc close to home, offer to sign a liability waiver, they just might take you on.

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:P I'm a newby and was banded 11/17 and i struggle with the sweet issue....of course can't do the donuts, cakes.....cookies etc....brownies...but darn if the chocolate candy doesn't go down easy! Is there anyone else out there with a sweet tooth that has succeeded losing weight with the band............of course I use to do the bread and potatoes also.....but now at least that has been curbed..........

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I too have a sweet tooth. I have promised myself though to stay completely away from any sweets of any kind. I am the type that I can say or one a week or 2 a week because I would consume everything in sight. Like I can't stop. But if I tell myself absolutely none under any circumstances, then I just do it and am proud to do it.

This is DAY 2 with no sweets and I KNOW the weight will start dropping quicker. By the way, I am almost 2 months out and have lost 33 lbs, so that isn't a bad start at all!

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"if we are looking to place blame - let's put it where it belongs. U.S. doctors that don't want to do fills or aftercare for patients other than there own."

So you're saying my Mexican doctor is to blame? The guy that gave me a written referral to a US doctor by lying since the US doc still refused me?

I don't think anyone is dogging Mexican surgeons here. You can't lump all the Mexican surgeons into the same bag. There's a bad nut in there in my opinion, but to claim all the surgeons are bad just because they are in Mexico isn't accurate.

Once again, the band is a very expensive tool that requires a lot more maintance than many people realize. Flying back and forth to another country in the event of a complication or emeregency isn't cheap. It's an expensive tool that either requires insurance that covers it or a generous savings account or line of credit. I've seen just a few out of hundreds that went to Mexico just because of the experienced surgeons. I've been reading these threads for almost 2 years, and if you read closely, you'll see that most people go to Mexico because it's all they can afford.

My American doctor explained that the problem in Mexico isn't the qualified surgeons, but the fact that Mexican medical standards fall far below that of the US. Nurses don't always wash their hands or put on gloves, things that are usually disposed (like leg stockings) in the US are often washed and reused, etc. According to a few US surgeons, these Mexican guys would be at the top of their game if the practiced under the strict guidelines of the FDA, but they don't have to since Mexico is so relaxed.

Ask any patient banded in Tijuana if their medical facility could hold a candle to a US hopsital. In the US, you have sterile rooms with temperature and ventilation control, charts with correctly spelled names, staff that speaks English, properly stored needles and medications. Mexico tries, but they are way behind the game. I was three times for three band related surgeries, yet they still don't have my last name spelled correctly. It was spelled on way on my file, another way on my wrist band. Typical for Mexico, no biggy. In the three times I was there, I was only asked to see my ID once. No biggy. There are no operating reports in my file, nobody can give me the serial number off my band. Typical.

It's not the surgeons, it's the country that allows them to practice under below-par standards.

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I am not taking sides.. i only read the last post and I just want to say this

My blood was taken without gloves, the cotton balls were in a jar already soaked in alcohal and she grabbed one and squeezed it out into the jar before she swabbed my area.

my blood vile was labled in pencil with masking tape

my nurses could not speak english and it was the main reason why my arm was infiltrated heavily from the IV with heavy pain meds I could feel for a week while my arm was swollen..

There is no call button and the staff is dissapeared for long times.


I am NOT complaining.. I am glad I got to go at all...

I am just saying that yes, these things happen and the standards are way below that of the usa..

I noticed things all the time I cant recall off the cuff right now...

But I guess that can lead to it not being as safe

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        Way to go!

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      1. Tara A

        It passes!! Everyone goes though it! It is a short term emotion! I'm almost five years post op! You made the right decision! Don't focus on the change right now. Try to entertain your mind. What your feeling only last about a week. It's related to your body adjusting and you mind adjusting. You got this!!

      2. SleeverSk

        I agree with Tara it's hard right now but it gets better do t forget your hormones will be all over the place you may even feel depressed. Be kind to yourself reach out and talk to people how you are feeling .

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      Scheduled for VSG and hernia repair surgery 5/18/22
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