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  1. Dadkins8

    Keep Losing My Shoes!

    Lol...thanks everyone!
  2. Dadkins8

    Keep Losing My Shoes!

    Okay...I had my lapband surgery done in July 2010. I am now a little over 1 1/2 years out and still losing weight. I have hit some plateaus along the way. However, I just keep perserving. The past month, I have lost 9 lbs. The one main thing that I notice is that I keep losing my shoes. I mean really....I went out with my dad and sister. As I went to step out of the vehicle. my high heel fell off. I laughed...even my feet are losing weight. The shoes that I wore to work today kept flipping off the back of my feet like flips. I guess it is going to be time to go shoe shopping and get some new ones. My advice to everyone out there just starting this journey....just keep preservering. I have hit several plateaus that lasted a few months each time with the scale stuck at a weight. However, I knew that I was doing the right thing and I did not get discouraged. I finally feel like my body has accepted this...and the weight loss has picked up again. Well of and out to surf the web for some new footware!
  3. Dadkins8

    "we Don't Do Hand Holding"

    We all need someone to hold our hands now and again. When I first started this journey, I relied on this site to "hold" my hand. I found others who totally understood what was going on....and I didn't want my family to get overloaded with all of my Lapband talk. Lean on your fellow bandsters when you need it. They are here for you and know what you are going through. DiMarie made a good point though...when it comes down to it...we have to want it bad enough to make the right choices. Having said that..please know that all of us have had moments on this journey when we realize that we are still learning. I am now a year and 1/2 out and still learning. I know not to let myself get too hungry...or I will eat too fast and get something stuck. There are still time when I do this. Keep doing your best!
  4. Dadkins8

    Last Day Of 2011...

    Good luck with your goals! Enjoy your journey and continue to remain optimistic about the outcome. I had a wonderful 2011 and I am looking forward to an even better 2012! Congrats on your wonderful weight loss to date!!!
  5. Dadkins8

    Clothes Shopping!

    I spent the day with my husband shopping. It was the first time in years that we have gone shopping together. We have been together almost 30 years (high school sweethearts). I cannot tell you the last time that we shopped together for my clothes. However, I loved shopping together today. I know that I am not at my goals weight. However, my weight loss has slowed down. Therefore, I am spending a longer time at each size. Due to a recent promotion, I am now going back into the office. I need to look nice and it makes me feel good about myself. I spent several hours at an outlet store trying on clothes. My dear husband waited patiently outside and gave his "honest" opinion. Actually, he liked everything I tried on and kept complimenting me. It was really a lot of fun. The best news was that I didn't actually have to use any of my own money. My family knew that I loved this store and gave me wonderful gift cards....usually I am not for giving gift cards...however, there are definately times when they are the perfect gift. In case of my weight loss journey...this was a wonderful gift. As many of you can agree, it can get a little difficult when you are "traveling" through different sizes. I am officially down to a 1X. I was so thrilled. I quess the funniest thing was finding a top that I actually loved. However, it was only available in a 2x or a 3x. It seemed when I was that size, I could always find the 1x. Now...it is the opposite. Something about....Murphy's Law (smile).
  6. Dadkins8

    Nobody Ever Responds To My Posts!

    I think that those of us who have had this happen know exactly how you feel. It is great that you pointed it out. I have notice that since you posted every blog has a few comments. So thank you for reminding the rest of us how much we need one another on this journey. Hats off to you!
  7. Dadkins8

    2 Weeks Post Op Today!

    Keep up the great job! Wow...21 lbs is great. I couldn't even do the treadmill when I was few weeks out. It is great that you are incorporating exercise at the beginning. You will see even more great results. Believe in yourself and keep going!
  8. Dadkins8

    Post Op Popularity????

    I had to laugh (in a good way) as if you were describing me. I really needed the support the first year. I also found that it really helped me stayed focused. I also found that as I began to learn about myself and change things...I didn't "need" to be on the site as much. I didn't want to have my relatives get so sick and tired of me talking..discussing...etc about the band. On this site, I found others who understood and for that I will be forever thankful. I still do come on the site occasionally. I enjoy hearing the excitement of those who are just about to begin their journey.
  9. Dadkins8

    Journey Continues

    I had my lapband surgery in July 2010. I remember thinking that I would be at my goal weight in a year. Well I am 17 months out and I am still not at my goal, but I am okay with that. I know that I have worked hard. I didn't lose a lot of weight prior to the surgery. I had a hard time exercising just due to having absolutely no energy. However, once I had my first fill I started to lose weight. Come January....I hit a block...major block and I remember getting a little frustrated. However, I made a vow to not get too discouraged and stay the course. I did stay the course. The weight loss was slow. However, from January to September, I did lose 20 lbs. I decide it was time to do something. I had to change up what I was doing to continue with my weight loss. I started going to the gym with my husband. I knew that I could not have excuses...as I had in the past to not exercise. I know that there are plenty of us that will find any kind of excuse to not exercise. However, this time I made a promise to myself to be true to me. I have gone to the gym faithfully 3 times a week for the past 4 months. I am lifting weights and doing cardio. I learned that I really feel good after I exercise. If I am stressed, It really helps me come out in a pleasant mood. I can honestly say that I don't mind exercising. Who would have after thought that I would make that statement? Now I didn't say that I "liked" it. Just that I appreciate the way it makes me feel and look. I am down 73 lbs. It gave me the courage to do so many things in life. I don't have to be at my goal to "love" me. It has been such a long time to find me again. I enjoy who I have become. I would not have had the courage to go for a promotion a year ago. This year not only did I go for the promotion, but I got the job. My rewards have been endless....
  10. Dadkins8


    You will be fine. It will take some time. The year I received my band in July and was starting my Masters full time in August, taking 4 children to various activities and working a full time job. I must admit that I did cry the first week. However, I did my self talk and promised to take it one day at a time. I organized my week in a way that worked for me and my children. I did just that. Believe in yourself! You are on a journey to improve you and you can do it!
  11. Dadkins8

    Staying the Course

    I had to go to the gym today due to the snow we had yesterday. It seems kind of unreal. I can't believe that we have snow in October. It definately was one for the record book. Back to this journey.....I am 15 months out from my surgery. Around 10 months, I hit a plateau. I really couldn't afford to go in to get another fill at that time. Therefore, I tried all kinds of strategies to get pass this plateau. However, I was stuck within the same 2 pound. Before the lapband, I would have given up very easily. However, I did not do it this time. I stayed the course and kept working at moving toward my goal. If you are beginning your life with a lapband, just remember to keep focused and stay the course. I know that I was so frustrated at the beginning (first 6 weeks). I felt that my weight loss was not ever going to get started. I made up my mind at that point that I would always think of this as a life time journey. If I ever felt that I was losing focus, I would strive to get myself back on board. I would keep at it. I am not near my goal. I have loss 68 lbs so far. I want to lose another 60 lbs. and I will do it. I was relieved to get back on track. I was able to get a fill at the end of September. It was too tight. I had to go back in and have a small amount removed. I am back on my way. I have been going into the gym faithfully for the past 6 weeks. This has been a great adventure. I use to always put off doing exercise. I just don't like it. This time I am treating it as my job. I make no excuses not to show up for my job. If I missed it, I must make it up. My attitude toward exercise is slowly......... changing. I can go in totally stressed. After exercising, I come out with my "happy" hormones released. We have made it into a family adventure. My son an d daughter both have started to go with my husband and me. I am blessed that my husband is a wonderful fitness expert so I feel like I have my own personal trainer. I had a wow moment today after leaving the gym. My husband and I went to the grocery store. Wow...my grocery cart looks so different these days. My husband and I are making a conscience effort to not eat processed food. I can't say that we are done with it all. However, the only thing in my cart today was all fresh foods except for a bag of sweet potato fries. Again, this has been a gradual change. It is not something that I did after getting my lapband. I mean seriously...I work about 50 hours average a week and have to run my children to their activities. So, it has taken me some time to make these changes. I am having fun cooking from scratch. I have turned it into an adventure...finding healthy recipes that are healthy, taste great, and my family will enjoy them. Good luck to all of you just beginning your journey!
  12. Dadkins8

    Staying the Course

    Thanks you! Yes, I had to learn that I need to take it one step at a time...it is easy to want this weight to disappear overnight. Although, that would definately cause a malfunction with having enough cloths that fit and look nice! (smile)
  13. Dadkins8

    Staying the Course

    Congrats on losing the 40 lbs! I know you must already feel more energy from that weight loss. I know that there were several things that I did to jump start my weight loss again. 1. I visited the doctor to have my band adjusted. 2. I changed my exercise up some. I use to do nothing bu walk. Now I bike (hadn't been on one in years...literally since I was 11 years old)....but it is true...you don't forget (smile). 3. I varied my diet. I tend to get stuck eating the same things cause I know that they are lean proteins etc. Now, I search different sites for healthy recipes to get out of my routine of eating the same foods. Keep on working toward your goal! You will be there soon!
  14. Dadkins8

    Post op Day #6

    I know I was definately not ready to go back to work after a week. I know some people were able to do it...just not me. I am glad that I had a full 3 weeks. At that point I was able to go back to work. I also felt better when I was able to eat mushy food. Good luck!
  15. Dadkins8

    Rough day, temptation abounds

    Take this time for yourself and time to heal. Sometimes we find ourselves giving for everyone else. Use this time for you and your journey. Celebrate the beautiful person that you are!!! Spread your wings and fly. Here's to wishing you the best!!!
  16. Good for you!!! I have my one year today. I am right there with you! Keep on having fun!
  17. Dadkins8

    Day 1 Post-Op

    I had the same thing happen to me right after surgery. I was up 6 lbs. I flipped out...I thought.....how is that even possible when I am not even eating anything. I finally had to realize that my body needed a few weeks to recover from the surgery. The weight will drop off. Just give your body a chance to heal. (smile)
  18. Dadkins8

    Wow....one year!

    I can't believe that tomorrow it will be 1 year since I have had my surgery. I am so thankful that I made the decision to do the lapband. I can't say that it has all been easy. In the past 6 months, I have only loss an additional 10 pounds for a total of 65 lbs. However, I have to be honest. I am a work in progress. The lapband is a tool. "I" and "I" alone must make the decisions that affect my body. I am doing great with the diet part of this journey. It is the exercise that has been more of a challedge. I could give you a thousand excuses...my husband has been working the last year out of town, I worked full time and had to run my 4 children to all of their activities....however....I have realized....these are just excuses. No matter what, it is my responsibility to get up and out to exercise. Truthfully, I could "make" the time. It is really about being honest with yourself and doing what you need to do. This is not an easy fix. I do not think any of these weight loss surgeries would qualify as an easy fix. Most of us who have issues with weight must find out what issues truly drive us to gain weight. Only then...can we be truly successful. That has been the biggest part of my experience this past year. I have restarted my focus on exercise. "I" will not allow any excuses. What tips do I have for those who dread exercise such as me... 1. Find an activity that you enjoy. I walk/jog (barely a jog) because I enjoy being outside. I have a hard time with the treadmill. However, it does great when there is bad weather outside. 2. I lay out my workout clothes the night before. I put them on first thing in the morning. It is a contant reminder until I finish my exercising. I also know that for me....if, I don't do my exercise in the morning, I could tend to put it off later in the evening. 3. Get an MP3 with upbeat music to help keep you moving. 4. Try new things...I am signed up for Kayaking lessons....keep you posted on that one (LOL). 5. Know that YOU are worth it! Good luck to all of the new bandsters as you embark down this road!
  19. Dadkins8

    cooking, motivation, and watching tv

    Do you journal? I have found that setting goals for myself each day helps keep me focused and on track. When I venture away from my journal, I don't do as well (esp. true for exercise). As far as the cooking go you can still find ways to make old "favorite" recipes healthier. I have made this my challenge. As I do love to cook as well. I have had a lot of fun revamping old recipes. You might also want to see about volunteering at an animal shelter. It would be a way to get up and out for the day. Who knows...it might even lead to connections for your future career. Keep your chin up and know that you are worth it!!! Take time to appreciate and treasure you!!
  20. Dadkins8

    One year has pasted

    Congrats! You are doing such a great job. Your post is so inspiration and I know that it is something that a lot of bandster need to read.
  21. Dadkins8

    Day 6 of Pre-Op Diet

    Just hope right back on the wagon! You can do it. We all have had those days. You don't have the band yet. It is hard when all of the celebrating is going on around you. I know that prior to my lapband that would have been enough to set me off course for a long time. Now, if I make a bad choice, it is just that a bad choice for that moment. I get right back on track. My biggest suggestion to you is plan, plan, and plan. It will really help keep you on track. It allows you to be ready for obstacles. Good luck as you continue your journey!
  22. Dadkins8

    This is HARD!!!!

    Please know that many of us think this way when we first have this surgery. You are in the stage of redefining your relationship with food. That is/was the hardest part for me. I think it is something that we do not quite prepare ourselves for when we have this surgery. However, once I got to the mushy and solids. I felt 100% better. It is just so stinky hard on the liguid phase of this diet. Keep you chin up! It does get better. Keep us posted.
  23. Dadkins8

    Starting to hit my stride

    Oh yes....you sound just like me...another "emotional" eater. I think that was the hardest part for me. Learning that I could not use food anymore for my emotions. I remember feeling the same way and wondering what in the *&$^ did I do? However, when I reached the mushy stage, I became a little more focused and was finally able to exam things. I am now 8 months out. I can't say that I have it all figured out because I don't. However, I have learned a lot about me and my relationship with food this past 8 months. That I am truly thankful for my band and how using this tool has really helped me tremendously. I have hit a plateau but I will continue on this journey. I would have quit prior to my band. However, I know realize that I am not in a race. I will do my best each day. Good luck as you continue on this eternal journey! You are off to a good start!!!
  24. Dadkins8

    Plateau.....time to persevere

    I know...it is so frustrating. Keep at it and this too shall past! Soon...we will both be on our way again. We just need to persevere!
  25. Dadkins8

    Plateau.....time to persevere

    I am now 8 months out. It has been a frustrating month. I hit a plateau and I feel like the scale will never move. This month has been so stressful. I have gone out of town 3 times with my job. It is so hard to eat on the road. I have focused on getting my protein. Thankfully, the hotel has options of eggs for breakfast. I just hate it when it feels like you are doing everything right but you don't feel like you can see the results. It also stinks because I know part of it has to do with age as well. I read enough to know that your metabolism does slow down as you get older. In my mind, I am in my late 20's or early thirties. Although, my body knows the truth...I am in my forties. I leave to go out of town again tomorrow. When I return, I am helping to plan a state conference. I know that will be more stress as it gets closer. I am just trying to keep my mind calm and focused....taking it one day at a time. On this last trip, I had something get stuck when we were having dinner. My coworkers do not know that I had the lapband as I only shared with a few of my closest co workers. I know they thought I had an "upset" stomach as I had to excuse myself several times during dinner. And of course....I was the chair up against the wall and 2 of my coworkers had to keep moving their chair to let me out. Ahhhhh However, as I always try to keep my glass half full.....I will stay the course and keep focused. I will beat this plateau and not get discouraged and give up on the band or myself. I am worth it. I realized today when my daughter ordered the lite lemonade instead of a soda that she really does look to me as her role model. If that isn't enough to keep me going...nothing is!!!! Time to persevere!!! Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Author Unknown

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