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    I am a mom of 5, Wife of 20 years to my best friend and proud Hooman Mama to two Siberian Husky girls who I adore. Getting the sleeve December 2021. I am a certified Vegan Nutritionalist, Masters in Psychology and I am planning to become a certified Vegan Chef in 2022. My BMI is boarderline for surgery but I stopped being vegan and now have bad type 2 diabetes. I have a broken ankle with a 3rd degree tendon tear since Sept 2020 which prevents me from walking long and far and I’ve put in weight so the sleeve will help me loose my weight so I can get my ankle surgery and recover much better.
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  1. huskymama

    Eating carbs (pasta, rice, or bread )

    I eat pasta but not often and it is plant based made from vegis, lentils or chickpeas. That way it is healthy. Starting weight 227 Current weight 166 Surgery date 12-22-2021
  2. I was sleeved 12-22-2021 I am down 61 pounds and only 6 pounds from my goal weight set by my surgeon. I would like to loose another 30-40 pounds to get back to my high school weight. My reward is I got to go back raw vegan again and I have energy like I am a teenager- I am 53. When I get to where I feel good in a swimsuit - I still have fat on my thighs and hips - My hubby and I will be going on vacation somewhere there is a beach. Id like to go to Hawaii. Starting weight 227 Current weight 166 Surgery date 12-22-2021
  3. huskymama


    Sleeve December 22, 2022 today, June 8, 2023 I am 35 pounds from goal weight - I have released 52 pounds to date
  4. I got an amazing veggie pizza with a cauliflower crust on it at Costco a few weeks ago. It was low calorie and omg good. I dont know if you have one around but if so that kills the pizza cravings at way less calories. It isnt that we cant ever have that again just try to pick a healthier alternative. For me I hadnt eaten pizza in a year so that was a big treat for me. I also wont make it a habit but made me feel “Normal” again lol
  5. No I have no issues with it or even cooking for them. I was very healthy and a vegan when I met my meat eating husband 21 years ago. Our first date was to a steak house. I was a vegan from age 5 to 33 by choice (was raised on a cattle ranch and when my pet steer was butchered I refused to eat meat not wanting to wanting him - long story) My husband loves food and bad food. I realize now out marriage was centered around eating. I love the fact now I can say hey I cant eat this or that or out because of my surgery. When Id do that all these years he would get mad at me and upset. Addicts like to have others indulge with them. I went from 125 to 240 in 21 years of marriage. Today I am 176 I had the sleeve on Dec 22, 2021 at 227.9. So I feel better than ever and I am starting to feel like me again. I cant wait to be able to eat full vegan again Now I can go back to the lifestyle I love without being guilted into eating unhealthy. Ive noticed more energy my skin looks amazing Im back at the gym running 3 miles a day until yesterday when I broke a bunch of bones in my foot. So think of it like this - eating is just fuel for this amazing body you have. Like your car - you put good gas in it youd never give it sugar water right because that would ruin the engine. Your body is the same way - enjoy the beautiful healthy foods and feed your body and cells the right fuel. I have teenagers that work they stop at fast food nearly daily It is nice to say Ill wait to eat when we get home. I never leave without a protein shake and the money I save now on food is crazy! Even my husband comments on that. So my protein shakes from 310 Nutrition may be expensive but cheap compared to the before me. I spend $3-5 a day for me on food. My husband eats fast food daily and spend nearly $10 on a meal that is literally killing him. Thats how I see it and it makes me skip and smile. Self love - just rewire your thinking habits and seriously it wont be hard 99% of the time.
  6. huskymama

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    We are surgery buddies!! Same here Im 53 Ive had some but I also have thyroid disease so i “shed” a few times a year lol. I take a vitamin 2 x a day just for hair, skin and nails. Im down 51-52 pounds my Surgeons goal was to loose 70. My goal is 80-100 so im close to his expectations. I find that taking that extra vitamin as soon as you can tolerate them is a game changer. My sister had bypass 25 years ago she refuses to take any vitamins. She is nearly bald. I did the sleeve, I took vitamins before surgery so it isnt a nee habit for me just what I take changed. So get a good hair nail and skin vitamin youll be happy you did!!
  7. huskymama

    Literally crying right now

    You should take your time it takes 20 mins for our brain to register we are full the faster you eat the more food you intake. My surgeon and dietitian told me to chew 20 times. I had my surgery December 22, 2021 and I could not eat that much now. Also you are eating to soon after a meal - grazing is a habit we form which is part of why we led to obesity. I really only eat fish as my meat still and my Husband took me out to dinner I got grilled chicken One breast lasted me 3 meals - just last Sunday. I am down 52 pounds today!! I would try to find a local support group - call your surgeons office see if they can help you. But you keep eating that often you can and will stretch your stomach back out. And you shouldnt feel hunger - I still dont - so it may be your mouth and or brain is hungry out of ha it and boredom. I get up and do dishes or laundry clean the tub whatever until it passes. I have a certain time window for my meals - no i. Between snacking. If I really feel I need something I do it with a protein shake. 310 Nutrition has amazing shakes - make them with almond milk. I have all kinds of flavors, Peppermint, Chocolate, Smores, Vanilla Cake Batter - check them out because those keep me happy if i want something sweet i can drink something that is healthy that taste like a treat! Keep a food journal online or hand written - I do both. If you’re grazing you will be y at the amount of food and calories your eating in a day! Good luck!
  8. Oh I am so sorry you are going through this. I did liquid for a month before surgery it isnt easy but it was so worth it. Remember you are going through withdrawals from sugars etc so its going to make you emotional and yes angry. Also you are loosing your coping mechanism. Just know that it is also a good time to start learning self discipline- i know for me my husband enjoyed taking me to dinner and ive inly been out with him 2 times since my surgery in December 1021. Wven though I make the healthiest choice on the menu and only eat a small portion- i usually have enough for 2-3 more meals - i always up gaining or not loosing for a week - probably due to salt. Im going to give some advice I wish I had on the liquid stage - get Nutrition 310 protein powder mix it with unsweeted plant milk - I like Silk Almond milk - it comes in so many flavors that it helps with the cravings and it is so so good. I love the peppermint swirl. But they have a vanilla birthday cake thats so yummy as well. I seriously can live in just this stuff now and when you crave that treat youve got a healthy alternative- its full of vitamins and I feel so good post op since I found it. Like I said, I wish I had found it during my month long liquid hell phase and the 2-3 weeks liquid post op. AMAZING!!!
  9. Super excited - had my surgery 12/22/2021 I am hanging around 180 BUT I have been working out so i see the loss just gaining muscle AND I actually went running for the first time in 15 years yesterday!!! I was in track in Jr High and High School and kept up through the years until about 15 years ago I had my ACL replaced in 2011 and had cracked my femor so that started my no running gaining weight journey. It felt amazing. At first I felt my lungs after about 5 minutes and I thought hmm maybe I should stop but then I remembered that feeling from running track and racing it turned from this hurts to oh hell yes I loved that feeling because I knew I was running strong and hard in the day. I ran a mile - many leas than the old me could have - but I was proud of that one mile. And I dont feel bad today - my left hip is a bit sore but its full of arthritis so Im not surprised by that. I will rest today and run tomorrow Im building it back up slowly. I can say Ive lost enough I dont have the fat hitting so it was comfortable to run physically other than im super out of shape. I do have a lot of stomach skin - the Apron - it still carries weight as do my hips and thighs. Im where I want to be with the rest of my body - my husband said he can see my ribs and spine pretty dominant I just cant seem to move the hip, lower tummy and thigh fat. Thats where the last 40-50 pounds are that I need to loose. Im hoping squats and running with get it moving. Thanks for listening let me know if anyone here is starting to run! Sw 227 4/16/2022 180 TWL 47 pounds
  10. Hi!!! I had my sleeve 12/22/2021 I am down 43 pounds! Started at 227 today 183! My 3 month post op was last week Dr said I am loosing at a great weight. My waist was 32 inches around. Ive only gone down to a size 16 in pants i havent lost much on my hips and thighs but the top of me looks great. I have not started at the gum yet but walk daily now that is warming up i hope to be able to start working out daily. I added a new food over the weekend and gained 3 pounds i think its water weight because it was overnight yesterday I was 183 today 186 My diabetes is almost gone no meds fasting sugars 100-115 and during the day they tun around 105. I am on no medication I have fibromyalgia and my symptoms have improved 80% at least. I havent had a migraine since about 2 weeks out of surgery. I feel great and people have actually asked me what face work i have done because I look younger! I tell them nothing I just changed what I eat - uhh true!!!! Hope everyone is doing great! Oh! 310 Nutritional Protist shakes with almond milk - silk sugar free - is amazing and so many flavors when i crave something sweet I grab one but its my go to breakfast - try them out you will love them!!!
  11. I had type 2 diabetes on 3 meds off meds since 2 days prior to surgery my fasting blood sugars are around 104 now close to perfect also off cholesterol meds. I was sleeved 12/22/21 down 39 pounds only 40 more pounds to go to reach my surgeons goal I would like to loose another 60 but no meds for this Girl!
  12. huskymama

    My experience… sleeved on 1/22/22

    I have been MIA too but life not ppl.glad to see your still around! I was sleeved 12/22/2021 down 39 pounds today! It is much slower than I expected but ill take it!!! So i had pain too saw a chiropractor and i felt like a new human! My husband has been great at giving me massages so happy in that department but consider seeing a chiropractor that helped me the most. Even my hips and shoulders needed adjusted. Good luck!! Glad to see everyone is still around and loosing!
  13. I will e 8 weeks out tomorrow and I have bot thrown up yet. But i have eaten a bite or two to many and it hurts like hell but im still learning my new tummy {I had the sleeve) and its limits. I didnt eat much red meat before surgery so no biggie for me but i honestly tolerate Tuna or other fish better than any meat. Again Im still a newbie post op. I wish i could have done this weight loss with diet and exercise but once you get a certain overweight exercise is hard especially since I have severe arthritis. Since post op Im moving better - been grumpy the past few days I have no idea why - but honestly Id take never eating meat over being obese any day of the week. Its a big change for sure! But its worth it. SW: 227 Todays weight: 192 VS surgery: 12/22/2022 Total Loss 35 pounds
  14. huskymama

    My experience… sleeved on 1/22/22

    Dont focus on the stalls. Being almost 7 weeks out I can tell you ill go 3-10 days no weight loss then bam 3-4 days of loss then stall again. My Dr and Nutritionist bot have me weigh and measure once a week. It helps to not weigh daily - advice I also got from many seasoned people here. Focus on eating what you should, drinking fluids, and exercise. It does come off. Mine is slow but ive lost 33 pounds so far and im a month to the day put monger than you.
  15. huskymama

    Final Choice

    Yes - Iron deficiency anemia is an unusual etiology of ischemic stroke. It is a cause of cerebrovascular accident due to low circulating levels of oxygen. I am glad they have made the surgery better. And it may be rare, the strokes, I honestly do not know but it was enough to make my decision to get the sleeve. In fact - I only heard of the sleeve because my mail lady had it done and ive known her 20 years she looked amazing. That got me to research it about a year ago I guess. I would never have had the bypass - again my personal choice do to my sister. Even if it the surgery has changed and improved over the years.

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